100 million pixel millet 10pro and ryy b super bottom glory 30pro + compete on the same stage, who is the real

If “Jijun Pro” can only be regarded as the normal operation of mobile phone manufacturers, then the launch of “super large cup PRO +” this year has become a new method of mobile phone marketing. It seems to be the meaning of PRO + to add some materials for high-end series models. Huawei, glory, Samsung and other manufacturers have launched further upgraded models.

recently, the 10 super large cup of millet is coming, but there is news that Tucao said, millet 10 Super Cup does not seem to continue to use millet consistently “one hundred million pixel” label, but to 48 million pixels, which can not help but think of last week HUAWEI glory executives and millet executives make complaints about super super good or one hundred million pixel good micro-blog battle.

first, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei terminal, who had not tweeted for a long time, tweeted that the direction of 100 million pixels was wrong, and then Zhao Ming, President of glory, forwarded his approval, which attracted a “negative” response from Xiaomi Wang Teng, which led to the topic of Xiaomi’s sales performance, and then led to Shen’s fatal question: will 100 million pixels be used in high-end flagship machines?

this series of fighting is wonderful, but is it better to have a super large bottom or 100 million pixels? Today, let’s take a look at the glory 30pro + equipped with ryyb super bottom and Xiaomi 10pro with 100 million pixels.

first of all, let’s learn about the two models involved in the war, Xiaomi 10 Pro adopts a post four shot image module, with the specific parameters of 100 million pixels HMX main camera + 800W ultra long focus + 1200W portrait lens + 2000W ultra wide angle lens, which is arranged in classic exclamation mark. Glory 30pro + is equipped with 5000W pixel imx700ryy b super bottom main camera + 50x super long range long focus + 1600W ultra wide angle lens three camera module. It adopts the matrix arrangement which is popular in this year’s flagship model.

although there is one less camera for glory 30 PRO + in terms of number, its main camera imx700 is 1 / 1.28 inch in size, and the main pixel of Xiaomi 10 Pro is higher, but the photosensitive area is 1 / 1.33 inch smaller. At the same time, the theoretical optical long focus power of periscopic long focus lens is also higher than that of Xiaomi 10 Pro has more advantages, so the specific performance of the two should be based on the comparison of the real shooting samples.

no matter whether AI optimization is turned on or off, the color saturation of glory 30 PRO + is higher, which is more pleasing to the eye. The proofs of Xiaomi 10 Pro are more plain. At the same time, turning on AI optimization has a major impact on both styles, and has little impact on the quality of the picture. The following is to turn off AI optimization shooting. In fact, in the process of shooting, the automatic focusing speed of the two mobile phones is very fast and accurate. In daytime, users rarely need to manually adjust the focus.

when we zoom in on the details, we can see that the analytical power of the two on the focal plane is almost the same, but the large aperture of Xiaomi 10 Pro causes the depth of field to be too shallow, even the other leaf lines which are very close to the focal plane are blurred to a certain extent, which will easily cause the main part of the shooting to lose focus when shooting close-up.

for example, in the above sample, under the condition that the focus is the same manually, the analytical power of the stamen and petal in the center of the flower is almost the same. However, when you come to the outermost petal, the glory 30 PRO + is still clear and sharp, but the millet 10 Pro is obviously beginning to blur, and even double images can be seen. After zooming in, the detail processing needs to be further improved.

even if AI optimization is turned off, there are obvious style differences between the two samples. The actual shooting environment of the day was 3:00 p.m. on a sunny day, the light was very sufficient, but the air permeability was poor. Xiaomi 10 PRO makes a sunny day look like a cloudy day, while the blue sky of glory 30 PRO + is bluer than the actual sky, but the overall impression is better.

both mobile phones take telephoto shooting as one of the main selling points of their own imaging systems. When we directly pull the 50x telephoto image in the same position, we can see that the glory 30 PRO + equipped with periscope telephoto lens still has obvious advantages, due to the dual structure anti shake and AI The software and hardware cooperation of zoom long focus image quality enhancement algorithm not only makes the strokes of letters on the screen clear, but also the background with blue background is more pure. Xiaomi 10 Pro can see obvious noise, and the blue background also gives people a sense of grain like frosted.

in most of the samples, the color restoration differences of the two mobile phones are relatively consistent. In the strong light environment, the contrast of Xiaomi 10 Pro image will be slightly lower, which looks like a light color mask with high transparency.

but pull the telephoto to the 10x telephoto that both mobile phones focus on in promoting the telephoto lens. There are also obvious differences between the two real-life sample sheets. No matter the strokes of small characters or the sudden delicate strokes, the performance of glory 30 PRO + is better. The small characters such as “Jiangxi”, “Ju Ren” have been mixed up in Xiaomi 10 pro, which is hard to distinguish.

let’s take a look at a group of high-power zoom. With the same high-power zoom, glory 30 PRO + and Xiaomi 10 Pro open a relatively large gap. No matter PICC fonts or buildings, glory 30 PRO + is slightly better than Xiaomi 10 PRO + in terms of analytical power and detail performance The whole picture surface of Pro seems to be covered with a layer of fog, the quality of the picture is seriously reduced, the purity and color performance, as well as the overall impression are unsatisfactory.

in the above 5x sample, there is little difference between the two in the overall resolution of the picture. However, after zooming in, the image quality of Xiaomi 10 Pro is seriously degraded. The reason is that in addition to hardware factors, the difference in software algorithms between the two later stages is also a very important factor.

in terms of white balance, glory 30 PRO + is more transparent and has higher contrast. Millet 10 Pro is still the problem before, but post-processing will improve the overall brightness, and the synthesis effect will be slightly better than glory 30 PRO +.

conclusion: glory 30 PRO + and Xiaomi 10 Pro are both typical domestic high-end flagship in the first half of this year, which are subdivided into the field of photography. In fact, in recent years, the deep cultivation of image power of domestic manufacturers and the accelerated iteration of hardware are promoting the development of the industry, and both have good performance in photography. The main difference between the two flagship of the same platform competition is that in terms of hardware, glory 30 PRO + is the super bottom, and Xiaomi 10 is the super bottom Pro is high pixel, and the latter’s picture resolution in 100 million pixel mode is less than that of the former. However, the problem is that the frequency of using 100 million pixel mode is very small, and Xiaomi still has a lot of space for the later adjustment of this sensor. However, glory 30 PRO + has played the advantage of “crushing people at the bottom” in night shooting performance, and the light input is obviously superior to the latter. At the same time, the performance of changjiao has reached a very high level, but the overall performance of glory 30 PRO + is slightly better.

Author: zmhuaxia