100 million pixels + snapdragon 865, flagship benchmark dropped to 3350 yuan, and so on, the party ushered in the spring

Xiaomi 10 is Xiaomi’s first product to enter the high-end market. It is officially called the “dream work” for the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi. Since its release, Xiaomi has been widely praised. Even the flagship of Xiaolong 865, which was released later, always has to be compared with it, and has become the flagship benchmark of 4000 yuan price. < / P > < p > Xiaomi 10 was released in February this year. Eight months have passed since Xiaomi 10 was released. The supreme version of Xiaomi 10 has been upgraded with extreme configuration. However, Xiaomi 10 can still play well in today’s mobile phone market. Xiaomi 10 is a well-balanced “bucket flagship”. It has no obvious shortcomings in all aspects, which is also an important reason for the long sales cycle. < / P > < p > with the maturity of the industrial chain and the reduction of production costs brought about by the increase in sales volume, Xiaomi 10 still leads many Android flagship companies in terms of cost performance, from 3999 yuan at the beginning to 3350 yuan now. < / P > < p > Xiaomi 10’s bucket configuration is worthy of its name: the core performance configuration of the top-level snapdragon 865, ufs3.0 and lpddr5 ensures the ultimate use experience; the 4780mah large battery ensures the long-term endurance; the 90hz OLED screen display effect is extremely excellent; the dual speakers and X-axis horizontal linear motor ensure the listening and touching experience; 100 million pixels + 13 million ultra wide angle + 200 Four shots of 10000 scene deep lens + 2 million macro lens can meet the needs of various photography. < p > < p > Lei Jun revealed that the sales of Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro exceeded expectations, and they sold well again after the release of the supreme version of Xiaomi 10. Thanks to the success of Xiaomi 10 series, Xiaomi’s market share in Europe was the first three, and the global smartphone shipment ranked fourth. Recently, Xiaomi has released redmi K30 Premium Edition, with excellent configuration and price of 1999 yuan. The flagship benchmark of 2000 yuan price is worthy of its name, while Xiaomi 10 supreme edition focuses on high-end market. Redmi and Xiaomi, from middle end to high end, Xiaomi is stable now! gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia