10000 dollars to buy a virtual skirt, Gucci and other luxury brands open online “skin”

It is an overseas column launched by Chuangye state, which serves the vast number of entrepreneurs and provides them with professional, enlightening and practical overseas information. By sharing excellent industry hot articles, the column helps entrepreneurs open up new ideas, gain insight into global market trends, and master the secrets behind large enterprises. Entrepreneurship should not be blind, open your eyes to the world, in order to find a new landscape. < / P > < p > as the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world become increasingly blurred, the US $11.8 billion Italian luxury giant does not want to just make physical products, but to start a new attempt to design virtual clothing, shoes and accessories that exist entirely in the digital field. < / P > < p > over the past few years, gucci has designed the latest digital version of a fashion themed video game, sportswear for a popular tennis game, and virtual makeup for online characters. < / P > < p > although these attempts can also stimulate consumers’ desire to buy Gucci products in real life, they may be more valuable as digital products. < p > < p > Gucci’s CMO believes that “the virtual world is creating its own economy,” like the skin of a game, not cheap, but selling well. < / P > < p > virtual goods are valuable because of their scarcity and because they can be easily sold and shared among users. < / P > < p > for example, some people recently bought a pair of virtual sneakers for their characters on a mobile game called aglet, while others spent $9500 on a digital dress that only appears on instagram. < / P > < p > the fashion and game worlds are colliding, and Gucci’s attempt is more like an experiment, because when the trend becomes entrenched, the experimenter will be in the lead. < / P > < p > inspired by creative director Virgil abloh’s fall / winter 2019 series, Louis Vuitton has launched an 80s style game. < / P > < p > meanwhile, Estee Lauder has just launched two video games to promote its most popular skin care products. < / P > < p > like its peers, gucci has not lagged behind in this area. It has started to release a series of games on its mobile applications, and launched the arcade part last year. It also wants to go further and expand into other game platforms. < / P > < p > other players will rate these collocations and designs, and the higher the score, the higher the player’s position in the fashion world – from interns to stylists, to editors – and then make money to buy more virtual clothes. < / P > < p > many stylists have already used this app to show customers the full body shape of a model. Since you can buy anything on the site, it becomes a pre purchase trial platform. < / P > < p > to this end, drest’s developers work closely with Gucci’s designers. This partnership enables Gucci to prepare for the possibility of games replacing e-commerce in the future. < p > < p > creative director Alexandre Michelle has designed a pair of 80s style sports shoes, which can only be bought on the platform, and can be designed and virtual tried on. < / P > < p > the new game, aglet, mentioned above was designed by the former director of Adidas and can buy rare sneakers from Nike, chanel and Balencia. < / P > < p > especially for luxury goods, whether in the virtual world or the real world, they can be used as a way to express themselves or show their status. Social sharing is everywhere. < / P > < p > luxury brands not only own products, but also have the story, vision and status they are given. Others feel that this may reduce the waste generated by the clothing industry. < / P > < p > it creates a stronger sense of dependence because people feel closer to the brand, and they are sharing experiences with Gucci and co creating. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia