11 generation core i3-1115g4 first exposure, dual core design will never change

Although both i5 and i7 of tiger Lake 11 have adopted 4-core and 8-thread design, with 96 execution units, i3-1115g4 is still a dual core 4-thread design, but fortunately, the reference frequency reaches 3.0GHz, the secondary cache reaches 1.25mb, and the third level cache reaches 6MB.

in terms of core display, both i5 and i7 of tiger Lake 11 are equipped with G7 core. I3-1115g4 has not been published, but it will definitely be the first level. It is expected that there will be 64 execution units, one third more than the previous generation.

compared with the popular 9-generation I3 at that time, the 10-generation I3 and the 11-generation I3 seem to be less conscientious. Amd has also lost a lot of heat and sales, especially in the field of notebook processors. Amd has been favored by major notebook manufacturers this year. I hope Intel can squeeze out more toothpaste this time to ensure its market competitiveness. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia