11 tips of professional flower photographer to get rid of mediocrity and make the effect amazing

Flowers are static and colorful, deeply loved by people. So it’s almost impossible to shoot flowers? Of course not. Flower Photography actually requires a lot of skill. This is also the difference between flower photographers and photography enthusiasts. If you want to master these skills, please read on. < / P > < p > when photographing flowers, whether it’s in the field or on an outdoor trail, you’ll lean down to see the flowers. If we stand next to the flowers and take pictures in the most common way, then the effect will be ordinary. Why? If you want to take a photo with visual impact, you have to take it from an angle that we don’t see very often, and that’s what amateurs rarely see. If you want to take beautiful pictures of flowers, be sure to get your hands dirty. The image above shows the difference: the image on the left is taken at a typical top view angle; the photo on the right is taken at the same height of the flower, with the same focal length, and with the same light. Compared with the two, it is obvious that the flower on the right has a stronger sense of bringing in and is more able to move people’s hearts. < / P > < p > many flower photography enthusiasts often complain that they can’t shoot good works because there is no macro lens. In fact, flower photography doesn’t have to be shot with macro lens. The use of zoom lens can also take high-quality flower photos, mainly for the following two reasons: < / P > < p > the use of zoom lens can enlarge the flowers to fill the whole picture. The focal length of the zoom lens can not point to the background, but can only aim at the flowers. When shooting, please select the aperture priority mode, and then use the phase The maximum aperture allowed by the machine. Then focus on a flower or a tight cluster of flowers. With this setting, the background will be blurred, and a strong visual impact will be produced. < / P > < p > tip: please pay attention to protect your knees when shooting. If you are going to shoot a lot of flower works with a low angle, the knee pad is a necessary accessory for you. It is very useful and can be easily purchased, or even replaced by other items. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865