120Hz super vision flexible screen iqoo 5 Series brings new visual experience

On August 6, 2020, @ iqoo mobile phone official blog released flash charging popular science posters and German Rhine TV safety fast charging system certification video. The 120W ultra fast flash charging carried by iqoo 5 Series once again attracted users’ attention, and “120 blood packets” of mobile phones also became a hot topic among users. What is more surprising is that iqoo official disclosure of “120 minutes screen” poster, real hammer netizens about the 120Hz screen refresh rate of speculation. In the face of iqoo 5 series of further heavy weight, netizens are also hot discussion.

according to the official function poster, iqoo 5 The series brings 120Hz super vision flexible screen, supports 240Hz touch sampling rate, and collects 240 frames of data per second by touch IC, supplemented by Samsung AMOLED flexible screen, which greatly improves the screen’s fineness. In such scenes as list sliding, text page sliding, etc., the experience is smoother, with better chirality, and touch operation runs smoothly and quickly.

not only that, iqoo 5 Series screens support hdr10 + standard certification, but also have 100% dci-p3, which can accurately restore the real color of the screen, so that users can enjoy high screen video with rich colors and detailed details. It is worth mentioning that the screen has passed the SGS global authority certification, the harmful blue light is reduced to less than 7.5%, and it is more “considerate” to the eyes.

although there is limited official information, there is no doubt about the combat effectiveness of iqoo 5 series. This can be seen from the “120W ultra fast flash charging” and “120Hz super visual sense flexible screen”. We have reason to believe that iqoo 5 series will bring users a comprehensive level skipping experience. For more surprises, we might as well look forward to the press conference on August 17. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia