120W super flash charging + 120Hz high screen swipe! Iqoo 5 Series hands on experience: true all around flagship

On August 17, iqoo mobile phone officially released a new iqoo 5 series. Compared with previous iqoo series products, the iqoo 5 Series released this time has subverted most people’s impression on iqoo. When iqoo is mentioned, most users will feel that this is a game mobile phone, but after getting iqoo 5 released this time, kikuo Jun thinks it is a all-round flagship! The iqoo 5 Pro features 120W lashcharge The iqoo can charge 100% in 15 minutes. Through customized charging conversion rate of 98.5% of the top level charge pump chip in the industry, iqoo can complete the voltage and current conversion from 20v/6a to 10v/12a, then upgrade the traditional single battery to the 6C high-speed double cell battery group with high power ratio of production level, and introduce the innovative “array type polar ear structure”. Through the principle of series voltage reduction, 10v/12a will be finally converted to × 2, and finally 15 minute charging can be realized To 100%. In the face of such a fast charging, it takes only 15 minutes to complete the charging needs of a mobile phone, whether it is playing games or listening to music, and it will not worry about the anxiety of the mobile phone’s life. Of course, it is very important to charge so fast and charge safely! The iqoo 5 Pro is equipped with intelligent charging mode to stop charging after the user is fast to 80% during the rest period, and the user can recover to 100% before the end of rest. Reduce the overall charging time, improve the battery life, reduce the user’s concern about the safety of long-term charging. At the same time, the ultra fast flash charger of iqoo 5 Pro can monitor the charger heating in real time through MCU and dual temperature control module, adjust the output power. When the power changes due to external factors such as power consumption and heating, the charger can still output stably. However, iqoo 5 is equipped with 55W super flash memory, which is still a big part faster than most flagship phones on the market! The 120W super flash charging equipped by iqoo 5 Pro may be one of the fastest charging at present. I believe that with the development and progress of technology, our mobile phone may realize the real sense of second charge in the future. The iqoo 5 series is equipped with 120Hz ultra high refresh rate screen. With the popularity of high refresh rate, the super high refresh rate of 120Hz is more perceptive in daily experience, and the finger sliding screen is smoother, the experience is smoother and better than that of chirality. At the same time, iqoo 5 Series 120Hz high brush screen also adopts the diamond pixel arrangement with high-definition and transparent screen. It has not only the natural advantages of low power consumption and high response speed, but also the animation effect is more delicate. This screen of iqoo 5 series also supports hdr10+ standard certification, supports hdr10 and hdr10+ high dynamic range video content playback; supports sunlight display and accurate color restoration coverage of 100% DCI P3 under outdoor strong light. The iqoo 5 series also supports the strongest 240Hz touch sampling rate in non professional game phones, which can make users more fluent in sliding operation, game scene touch operation, and faster follow-up response, sliding and click response. The left and right borders of iqoo 5 Pro are only 1.48mm, the lower frame is only 3.07mm, the left and right borders of iqoo 5 are only 1.65mm, the lower frame is only 2.8mm, and the proportion of iqoo 5 series is very good! For users who like surface screen, choose iqoo 5 Pro; for users who like direct screen, iqoo 5 is a good choice. The iqoo 5 series has built-in cs43131 independent hi fi chip, supports hi res audio certification, and outputs high fidelity audio through 3.5mm adapter line / type-C headphones, which enables users to hear high-school, low and low-frequency balanced, high dynamic and clear high-quality audio with rich details. Moreover, iqoo 5 series is equipped with 2 specially customized ultra linear large amplitude 1210 core internal magnetic loudspeaker units and 0.5mm amplitude speaker core, which brings excellent surround stereo effect. The effect is very good whether it is in daily games or music external play. Especially in the experience of chicken eating games, iqoo 5 series dual speakers can better distinguish the footsteps of your opponent and then hit the enemy. Therefore, kikuo Jun particularly likes the audio quality sound effect of iqoo 5 series and the hifi function of the game. In terms of photography, iqoo 5 series has a highly praised Samsung gn1 master photo. This CMOS has faster dual core focusing than the same level of sensitive elements. The technology of four-pixel integration can obtain 2.4 μ m large pixels, and can realize fast auto focusing. In the daily photographing process, iqoo 5 series can provide users with better exposure performance and detail reduction ability, and better noise control in dark environment. Of course, in the process of night shooting, iqoo 5 series also supports various kinds of filter filters such as black gold, blue ice, green orange and segpunk, which can make users easily take beautiful visual blockbusters! The iqoo 5 series is equipped with 16 megapixel front camera, which has a very good performance in self shooting, which is very applicable to both male and female users. It is also shown that the purity of the overall picture is very high and the hair silk is also clearly visible. Through iqoo 5 front camera, jam also appears more youthful, lovely, lively and active. The iqoo 5 series is equipped with Samsung gn1 CMOS, which supports star sky mode and all things locking and focusing. At the same time, iqoo 5 Pro also features a long focus lens with a potential, 5 times optical zoom, up to 60 zoom, and OIS optical anti shake. In terms of game experience, as a new generation of official competition machine of KPL, iqoo 5 series is equipped with multi turbo 4.0, linear motor and dual speakers are equipped with ultra linear large amplitude speakers and unique super audio algorithm, eagle eye display enhancement 2.0 and many new game functions, so that your game experience is more profound and immersive. At the same time, it also supports the shock effect of the king’s glory skill. As a 5g mobile phone, iqoo 5 series is quite balanced. It can even be described as “insane” to describe iqoo 5 series. It is surprising that iqoo 5 series has the right size in screen size, cell phone thickness and mobile phone weight. It is very satisfying whether it is the hand or holding strength. The track version of iqoo 5 Pro is inspired by the carbon fiber texture of the engine cover and Ag grinding technology on the back for a fine touch. The polished parts on both sides are in line with blue light, which creates the ultimate speed feeling like two flowing light. Matte polished glass battery cover technology and dumb Kevlar material bring advanced and comfortable touch like interior of automobile. [/p > < p > iqoo 5 The pattern of the main body of the pro legendary back cover is similar to the road texture. The three color stripes run through the whole as the track. The overall texture and color highlight BMW’s dynamic and passion, and also reflect the pursuit of iqoo series for speed and texture. In terms of configuration, the iqoo 5 series is equipped with the flagship processor of Qualcomm Xiaolong 865, which is iqoo The 5 series provides strong performance and stable output. Combined with Samsung lpddr5 storage and ufs3.1 super fast flash memory, it can provide faster application retrieval speed, application cache speed, data reading / writing speed, and greatly improve the experience in user download, copy, installation, switching large applications, file in transmission and other use scenarios. In daily operation, iqoo 5 series supports 12gb maximum storage, can mount more applications in the background, with a maximum storage space of 256gb, which can meet the needs of users to store various files and game installation. For users who like to play games and take photos, Universiade storage and large memory can provide a better use experience! At the same time, iqoo 5 series also supports 7-frequency 5g full network communication such as n1/n3/n28/n41/n77/n78/n79, which can meet the daily 5g use requirements. If you need a full network main machine, iqoo 5 series will be a good choice! In general, compared with iqoo with stronger game attributes, iqoo 5 series shows more versatility, with 120W super high refresh rate, 120W super flash, top hifi and excellent hardware strength camera matrix. Iqoo 5 series has almost no short board, which is worthy of the name of the all-round flag ship. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia