120W ultra fast flash charge for iqoo 5 pro to accelerate 15 minutes full charge

Battery life can be said to be the common pain point of today’s mobile phone users. Because of its powerful functions, smart phones almost play an important role in our daily life. But a mobile phone without electricity is like a car that breaks down on the way. It can be said that it is difficult to move. Although increasing battery capacity is a good way to improve battery life, it has almost reached the technical limit. Another flagship of the 5-watt charging series of mobile phones is launched. < / P > < p > the first thing I do with iqoo 5 Pro is to spend a lot of time running out of power. In contrast, the charging test process is very short. 120W ultra fast flash charging really deserves its reputation. It takes only 5 minutes to charge 44% and 10 minutes to charge 74%. When the charging time reaches 15 minutes, the power of the mobile phone will be 100%. The test results are very amazing, and the daily use experience is more comfortable. < / P > < p > 15 minutes, what can we do with this time in our life? You can listen to three songs, wash in the morning, or charge your cell phone from 0% to 100%. I believe you will be surprised by the 15 minute charging time, but when I use iqoo 5 Pro everyday, I find that the charging time rarely exceeds 10 minutes. Because in daily life, when the power of mobile phone drops to half, I will start charging. I believe many friends have this habit. Iqoo 5 Pro can get rid of the shackles of charger by virtue of its extremely short charging time. This kind of non inductive charging experience is the most perfect. < / P > < p > when it comes to the charging experience, I only carry a charger when I go out. Iqoo 5 pro’s 120W ultra fast flash charging is up to 65W PD charging protocol, which can charge laptops, game machines and other devices. And the length of the charging line has been increased to 1.5 meters, which is more convenient for charging. < / P > < p > compared with faster charging speed, safety is as important as battery life. Iqoo 5 Pro is the first 120W fast charging mobile phone that has passed the Rhine TV safe fast charging certification in Germany. It has passed 600 times of battery fast charging and discharging cycle test, 1000 times of mobile phone charging and discharging loss cycle test, 10000 times of charging port hot plug test, and 9 categories of 41 strict tests in total. Its safety and durability have passed the test, and there is no problem in normal use. Moreover, this sense of security can be obviously felt in daily use. With the superconducting VC liquid cooling system, iqoo 5 Pro does not have too high temperature during charging. < / P > < p > in terms of the use experience of iqoo 5 pro, 120W ultra fast flash charging is the “amplifier” of all the highlights of the machine. Strong performance, excellent photography, high-quality audio and video, because there is no low power anxiety, so the use experience is more comfortable. Iqoo 5 Pro marks the arrival of the “hundred watt flash charging era” of mobile phone charging. It can be seen that iqoo, a young mobile phone brand, has not only kept up with the pace of forerunners in more than a year, but also has been in the forefront of the industry in some fields. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!