128 square meters of modern black and white gray, space theme children’s room, it is the dream of science fiction fans

In this 128 square meter modern style decoration case, the overall space is matched with fashionable high-grade black and white gray, and the details are added with quiet and elegant blue decoration, creating a generous atmosphere full of science and technology. In the design of children’s room, the space theme design is boldly adopted, from the wall to the ceiling, and then to the layout design of space, creating a space theme room full of science fiction. < / P > < p >} the living room space is dominated by the interactive function of leisure and family, without the design and layout of TV wall, black and white furniture details, combined with gray carpet and sofa, it brings a high-level and fashionable sense of space. < / P > < p >} the balcony by the window is equipped with a bar, which echoes with the sofa in the living room, and becomes an interesting and elegant leisure corner. Sofa wall in elegant white marble wall foundation, hang a large-scale blue tone decorative painting, also let the space appear quiet and elegant. The dining room is connected with the living room, while the dining room is an integrated open design with the kitchen. The black sliding door is used as a flexible partition between the living room and the kitchen area, which can be closed or opened, making the space more flexible and comfortable. < / P > < p >} the dining table with black tripod and marble table top, with blue leather chair and card seat, combined with flower vase arrangement on the table, also makes the dining atmosphere quiet, elegant, fashionable and comfortable. < / P > < p >} the bedside wall of the bedroom is provided with a simple and comfortable backless bed with a hard wrapped background and wall panel. At the end of the bed, there is a brown leather bed tail stool with blue sheets to create a quiet and elegant sleeping space. The bay window decorates the leisure tea table and the cushion, also becomes a comfortable relaxed space. < / P > < p >} on the other side of the head of the master bedroom, a combination of dressing table and cloakroom is arranged. The cloakroom is designed with glass door as the cabinet body, which makes the space appear transparent, practical and elegant. < / P > < p >} the boy’s room is designed with space theme. The sky ceiling and satellite pattern wallpaper are integrated with the ceiling, creating a space experience full of childlike and dreamy temperament. The overall color of the children’s room is warm and comfortable. A hard wall is used to decorate the crib, slide and toys, which makes the space more lively and interesting. < / P > < p >} the light blue cupboard, with toys and storybooks, makes the space full of childlike vitality. The pink cupboard door also adds the dream princess fan of the space. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo