14 5g live broadcasting rooms appear in national new media industry base

On December 24, the “science and technology enabling insight into the future – 2020 future Media Summit Forum” was held in Daxing District national new media industry base, and 14 5g live broadcasting rooms made an amazing appearance. < / P > < p > on the screen, an anchor is in the European style square, and live with the cartoon character beautiful girl beside him In fact, there is only one anchor in the live studio. Whether it is European style square or cartoon assistant, it is realized through green screen matting + image synthesis technology based on 5g network. < / P > < p > in Daxing District national new media industry base, there are 14 such 5g live broadcasting rooms, covering agricultural products, cosmetics, food, clothing and other different themes. Food live room covers the largest area, but the total staff is less than 5 people, and the equipment is only 1 camera and 2 computers. According to the introduction, 5g signal coverage has been realized in all the live broadcasting rooms, and the latest application modules have been installed in each device, which can make full use of the characteristics of 5g network, such as high speed, low delay and large capacity. It not only makes the live video clearer and smoother, but also avoids the trouble of the working team deploying a large number of signal receiving and sending devices in advance. In addition, the interior of each live broadcasting room is noise reduced during decoration, and sound insulation glass is added to minimize the interference. < / P > < p > standing in the 5g live broadcasting base, looking out of the window, the corridor used to be a coal transportation channel tells the past. In the past, it was a heating company. There were seven coal-fired boilers in a heating plant covering an area of more than 7000 square meters. After 2013, Daxing District has transformed the old factory into a new media industry base through the transformation of the original site and the replacement of birds. < / P > < p > “compared with the physical space, we pay more attention to the platform properties of this live broadcast base.” Kou Shiran, the operator and founder of all media, said that the live broadcasting base has reached cooperation intention with several enterprises in Daxing District. In addition to bringing goods for live broadcasting, it will also help enterprises tap “Internet red” from inside, so that ordinary white-collar workers can also be anchor. “We also hope that ordinary citizens can come here to experience the cool of vr virtual reality, ar Augmented Reality and other new technologies. Learn the story behind the live delivery. ” Kou Shiran said that since the beginning of this year, the dream of course all media live broadcast team has carried out more than ten live broadcasts of “bringing goods” for local enterprises and farmers in Daxing, and has gained good reputation. On December 24, Daxing District financial media center and 5g live broadcasting base signed a contract, and both sides will work together to build an all media communication system with content construction as the foundation, advanced technology as the support and reform management as the guarantee. Ma Xianying, director of the financial media center of Daxing District, said that he hopes to rely on the advanced venues and technology of the live broadcast base to make more beneficial attempts in news production, communication and serving the public, so as to drive the financial media reform to a deeper development. 5g live base also signed a contract with Beijing printing University, and will take the base as a platform to explore new ways to enhance students’ ability in the future. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!