14 mobile phones were lost in the move, and the studio was in a bad state

14 mobile phones, one with a live account, but when moving, Mr. Xu was accidentally lost. Recently, the police of Jinshan police station helped Mr. Xu find his mobile phone. < p > < p > Mr. Xu runs a live broadcasting studio and needs to observe the operation status with a live account on his mobile phone. Recently, Mr. Xu’s studio will move out of Gaolin community. In the afternoon, he packed his indoor articles, including 14 mobile phones for work packed in a carton. < / P > < p > “I remember that they all moved away,” Mr. Xu recalled when he asked for help. But when he was going to live on the platform that evening, he found that his mobile phone was missing. Although the 14 mobile phones that are missing are all second mobile phones, Mr. Xu carefully manages the live broadcast numbers bound to the mobile phone cards, and all of them have live broadcasting tasks for a specific period of time. It is time-consuming and labor-consuming to replace one by one mobile phone cards, without saying that his own live broadcasting studio will also suffer a lot of losses. Mr. Xu was so anxious that he had to call the police. < p > < p > after carefully understanding the context of the incident, Chen Yiqing, a police officer of Jinshan police station, preliminarily determined that it was more likely to relocate the remains in the underground garage. The next day, Chen Yiqing and Huang Shaohua, an auxiliary police officer, conducted an investigation. Through the visit, the police learned that at about 14:00 a.m. the day before, there was a cleaner working in the area where Mr. Xu got on the bus and picked up his mobile phone. The police soon inquired about the address of aunt Luo and explained the situation together. Seeing the police auxiliary police come to the door, aunt Luo immediately took out the box containing 14 mobile phones and returned it to Mr. Xu intact. Aunt Luo said that when cleaning the basement that day, she found the paper box. When she opened it, it was all mobile phones. She was worried that it was not safe to put it in the basement and the owner was worried. Aunt Luo called the property to report the situation and transported the box to the ground with a cleaning car. However, there was something wrong at home, so she had to hurry back home with the box to wait for news. In the mobile phone to Mr. Xu’s hand that moment, Auntie Luo’s hanging heart also fell to the ground. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia