144hz “slippery” to soft hand, this mobile phone is simply for the game

Summer vacation is a traditional schedule for new films and also a carnival season for game fans. Who hasn’t had a few games in his youth? It’s like no first love, summer vacation without games is incomplete.

just like the current hot E-sports mobile games, cafes, restaurants, buses, and fierce battles can be seen everywhere. More and more young people begin to switch from PC to mobile. Generally speaking, ordinary mobile phones are not suitable for playing games for a long time. Leaving aside the performance configuration, the low screen refresh rate and the terrible heat of the game itself caused by huge computing are their nightmares. For gamers, a powerful performance, strong heat dissipation game phone is the only choice.

I always like the saying: “no red devil, no survival”. This is the slogan of Nubia red devil game mobile phone when it was released. As the first senior brand in China to open up this subdivision field of game mobile phones, the red magic series are loved by gamers for their powerful performance and excellent heat dissipation.

I often say that design is the first element to please users, and good design is also the key to stimulate interest. As a professional E-sports mobile phone, the appearance of the red devil 5S is integrated with cool game style and technological elements. The back is made of exquisite nano Ag glass technology, which can bloom metal luster in different angles and light. At the same time, the delicate frosted hand feeling and the light and thin body make the whole hand feel particularly excellent.

the iconic red devil logo lamp is the belief in the players’ hearts. There are two display modes, breathing mode and constant lighting mode. I like breathing mode and seem to be talking with you.

the 3.5mm headphone connector is still maintained on the top of the fuselage, which makes it convenient for players to match their favorite equipment freely, and there is no need to worry about forgetting to bring the adapter cable. It achieves the best balance between technology and experience.

performance is the cornerstone of the smooth operation of the game, and the Red Devils naturally know this. For this reason, red magic 5S is equipped with luxury top-level Hardware: powerful high pass snapdragon 865 processor, advanced 7Nm process; faster lpddr5 storage, compared with dual channel lpddr4x, the I / O speed of lpddr5 is increased from 3200mbps to 5500mbps, at least 50% faster, and the power consumption is reduced by 20%; the flagship ufs3.1 flash memory has a sustained and stable high performance performance, which can fully meet the needs of large-scale games Data demand; red magic’s original magic write fast read-write optimization patent, further boosting the performance leap.

it is worth mentioning that the red magic 5S also optimizes the GPU on the basis of the snapdragon 865, and adds an exclusive GPU boost technology independently developed by itself. Through the reconstruction of the traditional graphics processor at the bottom of the system, and by means of software and hardware collaboration, the graphics operation efficiency is greatly improved.

the screen is another important hardware of game phone, and its quality will directly affect the performance of players. Red magic 5S adopts the highest 144hz refresh rate super competitive screen in the mobile phone industry, and supports 240Hz touch sampling rate, which is even better than the traditional desktop video game display. So what is the advantage of 144hz refresh rate?

because of the visual retention effect of human eyes, when you see a continuous picture displayed quickly, you will feel that the picture is moving. And the more images we refresh in a second, the more fluid we see.

compared with the 60Hz screen of the ordinary mobile phone, the 144hz refresh rate screen can display 144 pictures in a second, that is, 144 frames, which not only makes the picture smooth and smooth, but also helps players to respond faster in the rapidly changing game. If the 60Hz refresh rate is compared to the slow action, the 144hz refresh rate is in the trot, the difference is self-evident.

for players, this smoothness is not only in the screen but also in the feel, and experience the fun of “hand eye integration”. In order to balance the performance and power consumption, the red magic 5S also provides 60Hz and 90hz refresh rate options, which can save more power in daily life.

in addition, this 6.65 inch screen has excellent display quality, supports 100% dci-p3 gamut, richer colors, HDR visual effects and DC dimming. The daily display is satisfactory.

the rapid growth of mobile phone performance has brought considerable heat, but the cooling system of ordinary mobile phones is often not strengthened, which leads to overheating when the game is running for a long time. Users will feel like holding a “stove” in their hands, which can supplement the picture of holding a stove in hot summer. The overheat will trigger the protection of the mobile phone, and the processor will run at a reduced frequency, which will lead to a crash and stuck, which will greatly affect the game experience.

heat dissipation, especially in summer, is more important. The magic trick of red magic 5S is ice 4.0 multidimensional cooling system. Ice Ag + liquid cooling + true fan cooling technology is adopted for the first time in the industry to ensure the user experience. The core of this system is passive heat conduction and active heat dissipation. Now I’d like to introduce in detail:

for better heat dissipation, red magic 5S adopts ice AG, the world’s highest thermal conductivity, ultra-thin liquid cooling copper tube design, metal frame + super large area heat dissipation copper foil and aerospace grade nano thermal conductive graphite flake and other advanced materials and technologies.

it can be said that the Red Devils created the fan into the mobile phone. At present, this technology is very forward-looking. The mobile phone is equipped with a 15000 RPM high-efficiency centrifugal fan, combined with the natural convection design which is transparent from the north to the south, which can quickly take away the heat. The fan can also intelligently switch the high, middle and low gears according to the operation of the mobile phone, taking into account the performance and experience.

for senior players who are demanding performance, the Red Devils also provide “ice cooling box” for selection. It can be clamped on the back of the mobile phone. It has 3.5mm headphone interface and two usb-c interfaces. It supports 30W PD fast charging. It can charge the mobile phone at the same time. Players can play and charge while playing.

the ice cooling magic box adopts semiconductor refrigeration chip and built-in 8000 rpm high-speed fan, which can bring “external” cooling output for mobile phones. If the built-in cooling system is compared to “cold and white open”, the function of the ice cooling box is to “cool” cola. Both the former and the latter are what the players want this summer.

according to the actual measurement, after opening the ice cooling box, the temperature of the fuselage is only 32.8 ℃, and the lowest temperature of the contact position between the box and the fuselage is 24.3 ℃. It can be felt by hand. It can be seen that the ice Ag carried by the red devil 5S has excellent thermal conductivity, and the powerful heat dissipation performance of the whole machine can be called brutal!

the red magic 5S system is red magic OS 3.5, which is deeply customized based on Android Q version. The official has made more than 100 deep adaptations and optimizations for game scenarios, so that it can respond more smoothly and quickly.

the cool AOD and dark mode of E-sports are impressive, giving a sense of exclusivity for the game. At the same time, it also continues the exclusive shoulder key of the game. The touch sampling rate is as high as 320hz, which can provide players with “compliance” physical plug-in of the original factory. The intuitive linear motor feedback can help players better control the rhythm, and the touch and touch synchronous firing operation is like flowing water.

OK, finally it’s my favorite game experience. The Red Devils 5S has its own E-sports mode. I call it “one click magic” to switch.

in order to better test it comprehensively, I have installed several representative large-scale mobile games with different themes on the market, namely. Some of them are selected to share.

first look at the most popular FPS shooting survival game. In fact, there are disadvantages in using mobile phones to play shooting games. It is difficult to have keyboard + mouse precise control by only two fingers, and shooting games pay special attention to response and precision. However, the Red Devils’ shoulder key plays a key role. The L and R buttons can respectively map the game keys. Generally, l is for shooting, and R is for aiming. In this way, the mobile phone has a little sense of handle control, and the efficiency of four finger sliding is a little more leisurely in the face of tension.

it can be controlled at will even in moving position, which will not bring negative control experience. It is worth mentioning that the Red Devils 5S also has 3D surround game sound effects, so that players can listen to the sound and identify the position, attack and defend, and judge the situation clearly. Especially in the final circle, Voldemort can not count, can only through a weak change of the clip, the sound of footsteps to win.

the built-in 4D intelligent earthquake sense adapts to 1000 + game sound effect and 400 + game scene. And for different firearms, blasting, weapons and other design different vibration mode, which is also deeply experienced in the game, such as the lightness of submachine guns, the power of shotguns, the restlessness of assault rifles, and the shooting characteristics of different firearms can be truly displayed.

game space is also a very intimate auxiliary function, with which you can play games more comfortably. It has a lot of small functions, such as game enhancement, game sound changing, touch button, one key continuous action, 4D setting, star assist, handle setting, etc., and it can also switch the refresh rate of 60Hz / 90hz / 114hz, and also supports small window hanging, so that you can understand the game dynamic when dealing with other affairs. At the same time, with the help of screen recording and screenshots, it is no longer difficult to record the highlights.

it is also a similar shooting survival game, but the scene setting should be more sci-fi. Thanks to the powerful hardware configuration, both games can unlock the highest picture quality.

and we are all familiar with it. The two pressure sensitive buttons, l and R, can also be used. It can make the novice have the hand speed comparable to the old birds, and realize the unique four finger skill of professional players. It is more convenient for complex movements such as big moves and continuous attacks.

let’s take a look at it. This is a great social adventure mobile game with beautiful pictures. It is also recognized that the game is more equipped. If the configuration fails to keep up with the picture, it will be obviously stuck, like watching a movie screenshot, and it will also get hot.

according to the actual measurement, the red devil 5S can run smoothly without any stagnation and delay in flight and running, and it is as smooth as a painting scroll. If you are tired of all kinds of fighting and killing, you might as well try this beautiful and fresh one, maybe you will have a different feeling.

the red magic 5S also supports ultra-low delay unlimited screen projection, which can be connected with TV and VR display devices at home, bringing more powerful immersive game experience. Screen casting is not uncommon for mobile phones. The difficulty lies in how to ensure low delay. You should know that delay means losing in the game.

we demonstrate that the red magic 5S can be perfectly connected to the TV at home. As can be seen from the example in the figure, the picture almost follows the touch and there is no obvious sense of delay.

it also supports the handle mode. The mobile phone can change the handle in seconds. The red magic 5S is equipped with the industry-leading dual IC touch chip solution. The two pressure sensitive buttons are independently responsible by two ICs. The touch sampling rate is as high as 320hz, with extremely fast response speed. The parameters are excellent, and the touch feel is also excellent. The pressure sensitive button adopts the U-shaped groove design which is more suitable for the fingertip, and the operation can be completed by pressing the finger gently.

with the help of this artifact, players can concentrate on watching the screen fight, fundamentally solving the pain point of hand game screen casting collaborative control now. It is faster than the traditional handle, and what you see is what you get. It really extends to the large screen and effectively interacts with other home appliances.

besides, it can also run perfectly in handle mode. Careful you may notice that the above game experience did not use ice cooling magic box, red magic 5S heat control is good, the whole machine did not significantly

Author: zmhuaxia