1499 yuan! Two high cost performance 5g mobile phones inventory, high brush + king glory full frame operation

At present, 5g mobile phone is becoming a rookie in the domestic mobile phone market. The price of 5g flagship mobile phone is still high, which is beyond the budget of many people. However, in the midrange market, there are some models that are very worthwhile to buy. They are of high quality and low price, and each has its own advantages. Among them, high refresh rate is a new trend in the mobile phone market this year. This technology refers to upgrading the original 60Hz mobile screen to a higher level. Let’s let xiaom recommend some 5g mobile phones with high refresh rate. < / P > < p > realme is an emerging sub brand of oppo, focusing on cost performance and high appearance. Realme V5 is its new 5g mobile phone. Its silver wing youth color matching adopts a unique large logo back plate design, which highly coincides with the needs of young people to express themselves. The other two colors: the light of dawn and the blue out of blue. Although there is no big logo, the color matching is also very novel. If you are a beauty powder, this hand machine can absolutely satisfy you. < p > < p > in terms of screen, realme V5 uses a 6.5-inch single hole LCD screen, which supports a high refresh rate of 90hz. The processor of realme V5 is Tianji 720. The performance of this processor is comparable to that of snapdragon 765G. It can easily realize the operation of King glory in 60 frames, so it is unnecessary to worry about the flow smoothness in daily use. Realme V5 focuses on the youth market, so it is also equipped with a good camera module. The front main camera 1600W pixel belongs to the middle end standard level, and the rear main camera pixel is as high as 4800W. The three auxiliary cameras are super wide angle, macro and black and white portrait lens. The superposition of super wide angle and macro angle can have better effect when taking notes.

is even more impressive. It is realme V5’s long endurance. The 5000mAh battery and the lower power consumption of tiktok 720 are directly driving realme V5 to the king of the 5G model. After watching videos, micro-blog, brushing, playing the king glory and the elite for one hour, it can still have 51% of the electricity left. < p > < p > redmi is Hongmi in its early years. After establishing its own brand, redmi took over the price performance mobile phone from Xiaomi. The K30 series launched this year are all high-quality products. Among them, redmi k30i is the lowest price option with the same memory. Compared with the Standard Version, its camera is weaker, but the price of 6 + 128G version is similar to realme The same as V5, it only costs 1499 yuan. The screen size of redmi k30i has reached 6.67 inches, which is even larger than some 5g flagship machines. It adopts the front double digging hole design, which has the advantage of better self shooting effect and the disadvantage of blocking more screen area. The processor of redmi k30i is the snapdragon 765G, which has the same performance level as Tianji 720, but has better stability. The camera module of redmi k30i is the front 2000W pixel main camera and 200W pixel virtual lens. The main camera with 4800W pixels and three sub lenses with super wide angle, ultra macro distance and depth of field can also meet the daily needs of most users. If you want better shooting effect, you can choose the standard K30. The main pixel of the K30 is 6400w, and the sensor is upgraded to imx686 produced by Sony, but it costs 100 yuan. < / P > < p > redmi k30i has almost no short board at the price. Compared with the plastic back plate of realme V5, the curved glass back plate of redmi k30i has more texture. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”