15 minutes charging 100%, 120W super fast charging iqoo 5 officially released

At 14:30 on August 17, Beijing time, iqoo 5 series was officially released, and the 120W super fast charging system, which has attracted much attention before, has also officially met with you. As one of the most eye-catching technologies in iqoo 5 series, 120W fast charging is not only as simple as charging fast enough, but also has many amazing safety protection measures, which further improves the safety of mobile phone fast charging. < / P > < p > back at the beginning of the release, the brilliant performance of “the mobile phone can be filled in 15 minutes” has been deeply concerned and discussed by everyone. However, such a fast charging speed and safety is one of the issues that we pay more attention to. From the press conference, we learned that the new machine has adopted the industry-leading dual charge pump and dual cell series connection scheme, increased the charging current, and launched the “array type lug structure” cell to reduce the loss; moreover, it also adopted two Ti high-power density charge pump charging chips, which jointly made the charging conversion rate as high as 98.5%.

at the same time, bigger and thicker heat dissipation area and high thermal conductivity gel material make heat dissipation better; full 24 full link protection, through the 41 categories of safety and fast charging authentication in 9 categories of Rhine, Germany, so that fast charging and charging are more safe and easy to use. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia