15 years polar photographer Shi Ge’s photography list, 10 practical suggestions to quickly collect!

Exploring the polar regions and making large films are the dreams of many photographers, but few of them can stick to it. However, Shi Ge, a photographer in his early 30s, has traveled to the Northwest Plateau of Sichuan Province for more than 50 times and photographed nearly 200 snow mountains. In his 15 years of photography, he has written the legend of polar exploration with more than 300 pieces of snow mountain photography works, and has also brought you to appreciate the rare snow mountain wonders Scenery! < / P > < p > as a senior extreme scenery photographer, he has not only been published in magazines and other magazines for many times, but also been invited to hold photography lectures in Colleges and enterprises for many times. His personal photography experience has spread wildly in the community of photographers’ post bar, and has become an entry-level treasure sought after by many photographers Dry goods, want to learn photography children’s shoes learn you will win half! Shi Ge said that he must first learn the theoretical knowledge before starting the equipment. When he first learned photography, he had to study the theory book first, thoroughly studied the composition and light, and then started Nikon D70. In addition, with repeated practice in the later stage, he made further progress in photography. In addition, if you want to change from a photography enthusiast to a professional photographer, Shi Ge also suggests that the shooting field should be determined as soon as possible, such as focusing on scenery or people, and then purchase corresponding equipment for systematic shooting practice. For those who love to shoot scenery and also love to travel long distances, it is suggested to choose Nikon z7, Z5 and other micro single cameras with excellent image quality and light weight. With the S series lens, they can shoot the ultimate scenery such as Xiaguang and XingKong. For those who love shooting outdoor sports and want to try the hottest vlog, Nikon Z6 is upgraded for video optimization The auto focus function is awesome. < / P > < p > “but for Xiaobai who has not been exposed to photography before, Nikon Z5 full frame micro single is still good. Compared with the half picture, the full frame vision is wider, and the self-contained anti shake function is also better for Xiaobai to control. The most important thing is that the initial price of Jingdong is only a few thousand yuan. I think it’s quite amazing to start with the whole picture at this price. ” Said Shi Ge. < / P > < p > finally, with the right equipment, Shi Ge emphasizes that you should not have three minutes of enthusiasm. You should learn and study various photography skills, and insist on continuous shooting. When you feel the satisfaction of photography, photography will become a part of your life. < / P > < p > in 15 years, more than 50 times went deep into the snow mountains. After more than 65000 kilometers of travel, polar photographers challenged Shi Ge. After more than 65000 kilometers of travel, do you understand these ten suggestions? The white photographers take this dry goods, coupled with hard work, maybe the next shocking work is you. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia