1690 yuan, new low price, Xiaomi 10 youth version, dual-mode 5g also supports 50 times zoom

Although Xiaomi 10 youth version is the first half of the product, but its configuration and experience is a good product of the same kind. Compared with the high-end 5g mobile phone, this midrange 5g mobile phone product is very suitable for students. At present, good news is coming from the third-party market. The price of Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, which is loved by young users, has reached a new low again. An e-commerce platform can start from RMB 1690. Whether it is to make way for new products or summer sales promotion, it is very attractive.

Xiaomi 10 youth version is equipped with the high pass snapdragon 765G processor, which is also a mainstream processor of midrange mobile phones at present, such as Xiaomi’s own Hongmi K30 and vivo S7 newly released by vivo. Performance can be assured. Based on the performance optimization of Xiaomi, the running points of Xiaomi 10 youth version have reached 320000, running smoothly, the game and daily use are not under pressure.

the screen is also very attentive. It uses a 6.57 inch AMOLED screen, which is no less than some high-end flagship products in terms of appearance. It has rich colors and a clear display of 2400×1080 resolution.

as a young user, the mobile phone has high requirements for photo taking, self shooting and video functions. Can Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition meet the requirements in terms of taking photos? The answer is yes

there are 48 million AI four cameras in the rear, including 48 million pixel super clear main camera + 8 million periscope long focus lens + 800 Wan ultra wide angle lens + independent macro lens, supporting 4K video shooting, super night scene mode, macro video, 50x digital zoom, moon mode and other most popular consumer photography modes. It’s easy to take photos of amazing basin friends, vlog video, etc.

for young users now, all kinds of novel play methods will naturally greatly enhance the attraction of mobile phones Xiaomi 10 youth version undoubtedly has a deep insight into this demand. It has built in a number of special effects cameras, such as AI magic kaleidoscope, AI magic separation, AI magic changing day, front and back scenes, AI magic expression cute shooting 2.0 and other professional and fun shooting functions, which are very suitable for these young users who pursue personalized playing methods.

obviously, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition is specially designed for young people. In addition to its excellent experience, it has 4160ma large power, 22.5w fast charging, NFC, infrared remote control, dual frequency GPS, etc. Do you think you know how to buy this product? Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia