19 kinds of light effect red axis electronic competition keyboards are sold for 109 yuan

As a digital enthusiast, it is very common to stay up late to write experience reports at night. Since there is no keyboard light in the laptop, I need to use a lamp every time I write an experience report. However, I don’t want to disturb my family. Therefore, I always want to start a keyboard with light effect to replace the notebook keyboard which is already overloaded. At the beginning of the month, I happened to meet the gk50 Z keyboard of Weixing flagship store to do activities, so I spent 109 yuan to start with it. Let’s learn more about this keyboard. < / P > < p > the gk50z keyboard adopts the common 104 key design. The overall size of the keyboard is 445 * 133 * 38mm, and the weight is about 840g. In terms of size and weight, gk50 Z keyboard has advantages in similar products. < / P > < p > the keyboard cable is made of PVC, with a length of about 1.8 meters. The cable length is more than enough to meet the daily use and office needs. A cylindrical anti-interference magnetic ring is designed on the cable line near the USB end. The USB interface of gk50 Z keyboard is a typical universal micro star model. Users who are familiar with micro star keyboard and mouse should be familiar with it. Gk50 Z keyboard uses USB2.0 interface. < / P > < p > the end of the cable is embedded in the central part of the back side of the keyboard, and the joint between the cable and the keyboard body is strengthened, which can effectively protect the cable from long-term bending damage. On the side of the keyboard, the logo of the micro star keyboard gk50 Z is also printed. < / P > < p > the overall shape of Weixing gk50 Z keyboard is relatively strong, and the whole keyboard is all frosted. Under the light, the texture is very good. At present, this keyboard is available in black and white colors, and there are also green and red axes. The one I started with is the black red axis, mainly because I think the red axis keyboard is more suitable for code words. < / P > < p > this keyboard adopts double injection molding key cap, which is mainly made of TPU and ABS plastic. The key cap character is the open type design, looks more comfortable, the light transmission of the key cap is also very good. < / P > < p > there are two specifications and shapes of anti-skid pads on the back of the keyboard, and there are drainage holes in the front anti-skid pads. Even if there is liquid spilling into the keyboard, it will naturally drain through the drain holes. In addition, the rear anti-skid pad can also be turned over. After being lifted up, the keyboard will form an inclination angle with the desktop, which is very suitable for office typing and long-term games. < / P > < p > for professional players, they attach great importance to the axis body of the keyboard. However, for small white users like me, I don’t really care what axis body it uses. In comparison, I care more about the service life of the axis body. According to the official data of microsatellite, gk50z adopts high-tech outemu custom-made red axis, with a maximum life of 50 million. < / P > < p > to start with, the original intention of this keyboard is to code words conveniently. In addition to the constant lighting effect, all other functions are supplementary functions for me. Although the keyboard tapping feeling of Weixing gk50z is relatively soft, the rhythm is obvious when using it. The sensitivity of keys is very high, and the feedback is relatively fast. It is very suitable for our code word professional. < / P > < p > the highlight of this keyboard is its rich lighting effects. It has not only 9 preset lighting effects, but also 8 game lighting effects and 2 custom lighting effects. The 9 preset lighting effects include constant lighting, breathing, running horse lamps, dazzling colors, flowing lights, pointing to rivers and mountains, cable-stayed changes, continuous flow of water, and no trace of snow. The preset lighting effects can be carried out through FN + ins combination keys Switch. < / P > < p > for me, my favorite preset lighting effect is always bright. After all, other lighting effects have little practical significance for me. In addition to switching preset lighting effects, some lighting effects also support the adjustment of light brightness, light color and light speed. < / P > < p > the micro star gk50 Z supports 6-segment brightness control, which can be controlled by the FN + up and down direction keys. If you are not satisfied with the light you have adjusted and set, you can also restore it to the normal light mode through the FN + PgUp combination key. < / P > < p > for game enthusiasts, the eight kinds of game lighting effects built into the micro star gk50 Z can meet the needs of most games, and the game lighting effects can be switched through the combination of FN + 1-8. In addition, in order to meet the personalized needs of users, MSI gk50 Z keyboard can also record two groups of custom lighting effects through FN + home key combination. Of course, user-defined lighting effects can also be cleared in addition to storage. < / P > < p > in the game mode, the micro star gk50 Z can achieve full key non impact, without worrying about the rhythm of the game being broken by key conflicts, and users can devote themselves to the game. In addition, it also supports the FN + windows key combination to open / lock the win key function. In this way, the win key will not be accidentally touched in the process of the game to delay the game process. < / P > < p > in order to enrich the keyboard lighting effect, micro star gk50 Z also sets GRB streamer light belts on both sides of the keyboard. There are three light effects and seven color selection schemes. Such a cool light effect collocation instantly improves the combat effectiveness of micro star gk50 Z, making it occupy a proper place in the 100 yuan mechanical keyboard. < / P > < p > as a 100 yuan mechanical keyboard, the overall performance of micro star gk50 Z is relatively strong. As a first-line factory, Weixing has done a very good job in quality control, and the overall workmanship of Weixing gk50z is impeccable. All black color matching is suitable for home use or game use. The overall appearance is also very high. The frosted texture of the body feels very comfortable. The overall feel of the keyboard is also good. For an entry-level E-sports keyboard, it is not easy to use the high-tech mechanical axis in the micro star gk50 Z, and it has up to 19 kinds of light effects and double-sided RGB streamer light belts. The keyboard is still very playable, especially it has set special game lighting effect and win key locking function for game users. If there is a need to replace the keyboard of small partners, might as well consider this cheap and practical micro star gk50 Z E-sports keyboard. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!