1900 yuan to start Samsung S10, a moment to start: consider selling iPhone 11!

As a computer party, I have used a lot of mobile phones in recent years, especially Samsung mobile phone. Although it has little market in China, friends who have really played with Samsung Galaxy and note series will find that, at least from the perspective of screen image quality and touch, as the first mobile phone with curved screen, it has already been With IP68 waterproof and 2K screen, this technology is still ahead in 2020. More than 90% of the flagship mobile phones in China still use 1080p screen, even some are LCD panels! < / P > < p > in contrast, Samsung’s flagship has always adhered to the most advanced 2K curved screen, and the Samsung S20 has also added a 120 Hz refresh rate design, which makes it stand out among many Android phones. Considering the limited budget and not enough money to buy the new Samsung note20 or Samsung S20, I bought a second-hand Samsung S10 by 1900. To tell you the truth, the author has also bought a lot of second-hand electronic products in recent years, and there are few signs of rollover. This Samsung S10 is also impressive to me, and I am satisfied with all aspects of quality, especially its excellent handle design, which is much more comfortable than the bulky iPhone 11! < / P > < p > as the main machine at present, the iPhone 11 can’t be picky in terms of performance, especially after the super night scene mode is added, it also gives good fun to take photos. However, it has many limitations in terms of functions, such as not supporting the application of double opening and fast charging technology. In contrast, Samsung S10 has the best 2K curved screen design in the industry, hdr10 + dynamic range and hole digging screen design. The image quality is much clearer than the 720p iPhone 11, and the body weight is only 157. Judging from the hand feel and screen image quality performance, it is much better than the commonly used 210g 5g mobile phone. Of course, it is better than the iPhone 11 in hand, but the curved screen mobile phone is covered with film It’s quite troublesome! < / P > < p > in terms of fuselage, the front and back of Samsung S10 are glass with small curved surface, and the metal middle frame and back cover glass are closely linked together, realizing IP68 level waterproof and dust-proof technology. The mobile phone is greasy after playing for a long time, so you can wash it in the pool at any time! In terms of photographing, Samsung S10 algorithm is rarely involved, and the images taken focus on realism. Fortunately, it supports the HDR effect, and the exposure measurement is still very accurate. In terms of specific parameters, Samsung S10 adopts a set of three camera module, with 1600W ultra wide angle lens, 1200W main lens and 1200W double long focus lens. It also supports variable aperture and QIS optical anti shake. The picture is not easy to shake in motion mode. It supports 4K video photography. This Samsung S10 is more than enough for daily photographing! < / P > < p > after using it for a few days, I found that compared with the iPhone 11, this two Samsung S10 gives me a feeling of thinness, delicacy, discernibility, and even makes you feel unique. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people use Samsung mobile phones, but this does not mean that it is not good, but the price is limited. More people choose to buy domestic millet or glory. But from the comprehensive experience, Samsung should be the Android phone closest to the iPhone! The 157G lightweight fuselage also adds 3400mah capacity battery, so the standby time is still relatively common. The disadvantages are not too bad, this Samsung S10 in 2K resolution mode, the game still consumes a lot of power, and will be accompanied by signs of heat! < / P > < p > but anyway, it still has a better experience than the iPhone 11, so I’m considering selling my iPhone 11. Maybe I’ll start a cheap Mini iPhone 12 this year. Have you ever used Samsung phones? Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia