199 yuan bull 65W fast charging plug board. Will you buy this price

With the iterative updating of smart devices, there are more and more data cables and chargers in our life. As far as the author is concerned, there are two mobile phone chargers that are not used, some charging heads that do not know what era they are, and a bunch of messy data lines. Therefore, subtracting these wires and chargers has become an urgent problem.

the plug-in board with USB hole solves this problem to a certain extent, eliminates the use of charging head, and leaves the hole location to some other household appliances, so the overall utilization rate and aesthetics are improved. Recently, the bull has launched a 65W PD fast charging plug-in board, which is equipped with two usb-a ports and one usb-c port. The price is 199 yuan.

at present, 65W fast charging is already the fastest plug-in board specification on the market. It can not only charge mobile phones quickly, but also charge notebooks such as macbooks. There is no need to use the huge charging head.

the specific specifications of bull 65W fast charging plug-in board are: 6 slave AC sockets, 2 usb-a sockets and 1 usb-c Jack. Two a ports can support 18W fast charging at most. When three USB ports are used at the same time, the specific configuration scheme is 45W + 18W or 45W + 15W. It can basically meet the daily charging requirements.

in addition, this plug-in board not only supports PD fast charging, but also is compatible with common fast charging protocols such as QC / FCP / apple2.4a, so you don’t have to worry about the incompatibility of your device.

as a benchmark enterprise in the plug-in board industry, bull’s quality is naturally not to be worried about, but the price of 199 yuan is indeed a little difficult to accept. After all, Zimi also has a 65W fast charging plug-in board. The appearance design is better, and the price is only 129 yuan. If I have to choose, I may choose 129 purple rice. What do you think? Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia