2000 American employees to be laid off? Ren Zhengfei told the truth, not a counterattack!

In big cities, the pressure of job competition is quite big, and layoffs are also common. But recently, I heard that Huawei will also carry out large-scale layoffs. Of course, these laid-off employees have one thing in common, that is, they are all American employees. Is it just because of policy restrictions in the United States? The answer is No. So, what is the reason to lay off such a large number of employees? As we all know, Huawei is a big international company and has developed business in many countries around the world. Therefore, for such a company, the need for a large number of employees is certainly. Moreover, Huawei employees are all over the world, and local employees will be recruited in all places. In the United States, of course, it is inseparable. We thought that this kind of deployment could always be like this, but it was restricted by the United States everywhere, which broke the balance that should have been. As a result, a large number of American employees were laid off and had no jobs. To be honest, it’s no wonder Huawei. After all, it has been sanctioned by the United States since last year’s Eve. It has been cut off by major American enterprises, and can not provide parts supply and technology authorization to China. This year, the U.S. has intensified again, causing damage to Huawei’s U.S. subsidiaries. However, American employees have not brought any benefits to Huawei, and they still have to pay their wages as they like. This is equivalent to supporting the economy of other countries. In the long run, it is certainly not possible to do so. Therefore, it is inevitable to lay off employees. < / P > < p > in addition, 2020 was a special year. Now we all know the situation in the United States. There are patients everywhere. How can we work well? It is difficult to recover the economic upgrading in a short time, so Huawei decided to give up. Of course, the impact of layoffs is not small, and it will be more difficult to conduct business in the United States in the future. In the end, China has always been a modest and peace oriented country. But it doesn’t mean that we have to compromise. Huawei’s approach this time is also the last resort. Otherwise, it will definitely not make layoffs. After all, it will do harm to others but not benefit itself. What do you think of Huawei’s layoff of 2000 American employees? Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list