2020 16 inch MacBook Pro exposure: upgrade 10 generations of core, 75% faster graphics card

Last November, Apple released its first 16 inch MacBook Pro laptop. On the premise that the fuselage size and 15.6 “remain basically unchanged, the effective display area of the screen is larger, and the scissor foot keyboard is replaced, which greatly improves the durability and stability. < / P > < p > the mainstream view is that the new MBP will be upgraded mainly around the configuration level, such as replacing the 10 generation or 11 generation core processor, and the unique option also includes the radon Pro 5600m. Compared with the current entry-level radon Pro 5300m, the 5600m’s graphics performance has increased by as much as 75%. < / P > < p > as for processor details, core i9-10980hk and core i7-10875h standard pressure products in the 10th generation are potential candidates. Considering that 10nm tiger lake will be released next month, it is also in line with Apple’s planning timeline. < / P > < p > a friend may be expecting that the MBP of the arm platform, that is, the apple silicon processor, will be Q2 as soon as possible, and it will be reconstructed from the inside out. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year