2020 game notebook computer recommended to be on the market soon “cooling overlord” is coming!

In fact, the game is a high configuration notebook, but the industry has a special focus, and the game book has stronger tolerance and operation ability for the game. The Office Book of 1W yuan may not be as high as the game book of 5K yuan. After all, the game book has higher performance and heat dissipation. So, what are the good recommendations for game laptops in 2020? The upcoming glory new Hunter game must be on the list. < p > < p > glory will hold a new autumn product launch of glory Smart Life in Beijing on September 16, 2020. At that time, glory Hunter game will make a shocking appearance. As the first game of glory, “Hunter” is coming. The i7 processor may be a higher version of Intel game processor. In terms of graphics card, some netizens reported that they would carry rtx2060. In fact, the hardware configuration of game books are almost the same, some better game books are high configuration, but glory Hunter game this time may take a differentiated performance route. < / P > < p > in addition to hardware configuration, the most important thing consumers care about is the cooling capacity of game books. After all, when the hardware configuration reaches a certain height, heat dissipation is very important. Good cooling capacity, so that the CPU and graphics card can take off full blood, more smooth operation will not be stuck. If the cooling capacity is insufficient, the frequency of the game book will be reduced automatically because of the high temperature, which will seriously affect the use experience, and the high temperature of the game book will also affect the service life of the hardware. According to the official exposure of glory, the glory Hunter game uses the patented lifting cooling structure, and the air inlet wind Valley improves the air intake, which can also ensure the lightness of the game book. < / P > < p > in addition, the glory Hunter game also uses the patented black glow radiator to expand the heat dissipation area, so that the game experience can be directly filled. Glory Hunter game book’s cooling capacity is similar to ASUS Rog ice blade series, but the design style is more ingenious than the lifting cooling structure of Rog series. Many netizens said that the glory Hunter game for the cooling capacity is full of expectations! < / P > < p > glory official has also carried out an actual evaluation on the heat dissipation capacity of glory Hunter game book. Under the environment of room temperature of 26 ℃, the double baking score is as high as 45W + 100W, the GPU frequency is as high as 1650mhz, and the video card temperature of glory Hunter game book is only 77 ℃. Many excellent game books usually reach above 80 degrees Celsius, which shows that the cooling capacity of the game book is not vulgar. < / P > < p > at present, the glory Information Bureau of station B has also exposed the body box of glory Hunter game book. The black cool style has changed the simple route of glory notebook, which has also filled the expectations of consumers. A game with strong performance, heat dissipation and awesome design style will be released soon. Let’s focus on the new product launch of glory Smart Life on September 16 and look forward to the release of glory Hunter game book! 2020 game notebook computer recommendation is about to refresh, please wait. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!