2020 reliable tablet computer recommends six subversive performance to improve user experience!

Smart products buy new but not old ones. When the brands of tablet devices are blooming, there is a trendsetter of the times between the ups and downs, and tablet computers are recommended to choose them. As the latest flagship tablet computer of glory, glory tablet V6 is the world’s first tablet product that supports 5g and WiFi 6 + technology. At the same time, thanks to the addition of a variety of hardware and software, it makes young people’s life more intelligent and efficient. < / P > < p > 10.4 “glory plate V6 adopts 2K high-definition large screen on the front, with 7.9MM black equidistant frame, creating a stunning visual effect with 84% of the screen. The brightness of 225ppi, 470nits and the color gamut of 100% sRGB make the whole screen bright and colorful, and show the natural effect. Glory plate V6 not only has excellent screen quality, but also supports its own unique “sharp screen” display enhancement technology. Aiming at video playback, picture browsing and other scenes, it can effectively enhance the details of the picture, and make dynamic algorithm adjustment from time to time, so that the details of the dark area of the picture can be seen, presenting a more transparent and higher color saturation picture. Through the German Rhine t? V low blue light certification and eye care certification of National Eye Engineering Center, it can effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light and relieve eye fatigue. < p > < p > the glory tablet V6 is equipped with the flagship Kirin 985 chip, and the Kirin 985 is integrated with 5g modem, which can achieve the leading 5g speed. Kirin 985 supports bandwidth part technology, realizing flexible switching of bandwidth resources under the condition of 5g large bandwidth, greatly reducing 5g power consumption and bringing more lasting 5g service life. Kirin 985 innovatively designs one large core + three medium core + four small core three level energy efficiency architecture operating processor. The large core and the medium core are developed and commercialized based on cortex-a76, and the small core adopts cortex-a55, which brings strong performance and achieves excellent energy efficiency and ultra-low power consumption. < / P > < p > the WiFi 6 + technology of glory tablet V6 is the most advanced WiFi solution at present, and its coverage and speed have been greatly improved. Compared with the previous wifi6 technology, wifi6 + supports 160MHz ultra wideband, and its theoretical speed is twice that of 80MHz bandwidth, and the speed is doubled. When connecting to 5GHz band, the actual download rate can reach 1.5-1.7gbps under the support of 160MHz router, which is higher than the theoretical download rate of 1.2gbps of WiFi 6. < / P > < p > glory tablet V6 creates multi screen collaboration and other functions, bringing the smooth experience of horizontal screen Android system. Multi screen collaboration can realize the rapid connection between mobile phone and tablet at any place through Bluetooth proximity detection, NFC tag one touch transmission and two-dimensional code scanning. The mobile phone screen appears on the tablet interface, and the mobile phone can be operated on the tablet. The picture files and other documents on the mobile phone can be transferred through the tablet, and the audio and other devices on the tablet can be shared, which is particularly convenient. Magic UI 3.1 intelligent split screen through the innovative software system display framework to achieve multi window and multi task display, multi-purpose is no longer difficult. < / P > < p > the glory plate V6 uses 4 speakers and 4 channels symmetrical design on both sides of the narrow side. The independent histen6.1 3D stereo sound effect technology adds points to the sound effect of the flat panel, and the sound presents the real effect of three-dimensional space. With AI algorithm for detail sound enhancement and speaker virtual bass enhancement, compared with ordinary dual channel stereo, glory flat V6 can release cleaner and pure 3D immersive sound effect, bringing enhanced hearing enjoyment. < / P > < p > the glory magic pencil, which weighs only 14g, is designed through a large number of simulation tests. The size is just right, and the micro frosted texture of special composite material is more comfortable to hold. Its 20 ms low time delay makes the writing precise and fluent; the 4096 pressure sense makes its sensitivity amazing and comfortable. It can accurately sense the change of strength in the softness, and the change of line thickness is more optional. The slant of the brush can easily draw shadow effect. The tip of the pen has a damping effect, which makes writing smooth even on glass. < / P > < p > the tablet PC recommends the glory tablet V6. This era trendsetter not only has a trendy appearance, but also brings a pleasant way of entertainment and learning. Choose the world’s first integration of 5g and wifi6 + technology, it will help young people’s happy and intelligent life! Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing