26.2 megapixel full width Canon EOS RP 13699 yuan

Canon EOS RP is equipped with a full frame CMOS of about 26.2 million pixels and full pixel dual core focusing technology. It has a total of 4779 focus points and a maximum continuous shooting speed of 5 pictures per second. The performance of this camera is excellent, and the price is also one of its killer. At present, the price of 24-105mm anti shake lens is 13699 yuan. < / P > < p > the screen of EOS RP also has complete touch function. For novice users, many parameters can be adjusted by touch, which makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. For camera brands, the accumulation of fuselage control must rely on user feedback over time. Canon has decades of camera manufacturing history, so it has a very perfect fuselage control logic. Although the EOS RP is a micro single fuselage, many designs continue the operating habits of SLR cameras. Therefore, it is almost impossible for Canon old users or novice users to get started. < / P > < p > EOS RP is not a parametric player. In terms of paper parameters, EOS RP is not particularly eye-catching. However, the performance of EOS RP is aimed at image / video shooting with one purpose: to take good photos. Therefore, if you are a photography enthusiast, you should buy a camera to take better pictures and learn more about photography. This camera is absolutely enough to use. < / P > < p > photography is not enough only with the body, but also needs the support of the lens. If you want to learn photography well in the future, the lens is a factor that must be considered. Canon now can be said to be a comprehensive all in micro single field, RF lens update frequency is very fast, and now the release of a lens more fragrant. At present, Canon has released more than 10 full frame micro single lens, including rf28-70mm F2 performance monster, and rf70-200mm f2.8 such innovative lightweight large ternary lens. Canon has updated the big three element lens of RF series, and also has a small lens such as rf35mm f1.8, which is cheap and easy to use. Whether you want to reach the goal in one step or learn photography well, Canon RF lens can satisfy you. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia