26 million 510 thousand Gionee mobile phone was implanted in Trojan horse! Verdict exposure

The slogan “gold quality dominates the world” was once popular. However, about twenty million Gionee mobile phone was secretly planted into Trojan horse, and became a tool for others to collect money illegally. For a while, the issue of information security caused heated discussion among netizens. The

judgment shows Gionee mobile phone company in Shenzhen has premeditated installation of Trojan horse program in 26 million 510 thousand Jinli mobile phones, which constitutes the crime of illegal control of computer information system. The company’s responsible person and the person directly responsible for the crime are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment. < / P > < p > in the summer before last year, the above-mentioned company conspired with the legal representative of Beijing Baice company, another company, to carry out the “pull alive” business by using the Trojan horse program with the function of “activating” to control the user’s mobile phone. After Gionee mobile phone, Gionee mobile phone, the two sides agreed to integrate the “pull Trojan horse” program developed by Beijing Bai CE company into the story lock screen APP of Jinli mobile phone, and insert the “Trojan horse” program into the user’s Jinli mobile phone through the “story lock screen” software version update.

< / P > < p > evidence shows that once the Trojan horse is implanted into the mobile phone, some apps will be opened quietly in the background and run for a long time, but the owner has no idea about it. These mobile phones have also become the so-called “broilers”. The result is that the consumption of mobile phone power and traffic is accelerated, the internal storage is occupied and the use experience is reduced. < / P > < p > the mobile phone with the “pull alive” function automatically updates the version without the user’s knowledge, receives the “pull alive” command, and executes the activation of the specified app under the condition of meeting the configuration conditions, so as to achieve the effect of advertising and earn the promotion cost. < / P > < p > the court found that from December 2018 to October 2019, the two sides jointly implemented a total of 2.884 billion times of “invigorating”. Since April 2019, more than 21.75 million devices have been activated each month, including 2651.89 Jinli mobile phones in October 2019. Zhipu technology is expected to earn 27.8528 million yuan through “invigorating” during this period, and the expenses settled by both parties before the crime is 8.4253 million yuan. In November 2020, the court decided that Shenzhen Zhipu Technology Co., Ltd. committed the crime of illegally controlling computer information system, and imposed a fine of RMB 400000; the defendants Xu Li, Zhu Ying, Jia Zhengqiang and Pan Qi committed the crime of illegally controlling computer information system, and were sentenced to three to three years and six months of imprisonment, with a fine of 200000 yuan each, and the illegal income of the company was confiscated of 840 yuan Million yuan. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing