263: in the field of cloud video business, the company mainly provides cloud video services for enterprise users with products independently developed

On August 13, tonghuashun Financial Research Center reported that investors asked 263 questions, First financial report, Zoom, the video communications provider of the enterprise, confirmed that its sales in the mainland China include direct sales, online subscription and sales through partners. But the company is transforming to a mode that is limited to sales through partners. The way of partner selling will become the only way of sale of Zoom in mainland China. Does the board of directors consider the cooperation intention? < / P > < p > the company replied that in the field of cloud video business, the company mainly provides cloud video services to enterprise users with products independently developed. Through the mode of “cloud + end + industry”, the company integrates the video technology with the internal and external of the enterprise, enables the upstream and downstream ecological chain of the industry and the enterprise, solves the problem of North-South interworking between domestic multiple operators, ensures the high-definition and smooth video communication quality, and provides customers with solutions to quickly build exclusive conference rooms without deploying special lines and expensive equipment, It is suitable for various application scenarios such as remote business conference, education industry, telemedicine, government administrative conference, etc. it is fully compatible with all kinds of hardware terminals, and fully utilizes the old to provide safe, stable, efficient and convenient video conference service for customers. At the same time, the video conference can be seamlessly integrated with the company’s teleconference and enterprise live products, which enriches the application scenarios of customers and highlights the combined application advantages of multi product integration. Thank you for your attention! Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia