3000 games not enough? You didn’t see the configuration

Many Meng Xin, who like to play games, want to save their machines. However, their budget is insufficient and they don’t understand the configuration. They often fall into a cycle of price increase, upgrade and price increase. In fact, as long as your requirements are not very high, 3000 budget can also perform well. Let me give you an analysis one by one. < p > < p > the core I3 9100f of Jingdong has dropped to 559 yuan. Don’t look at I3 and think it is a low configuration. The 9th generation core has been improved a lot. The 9100f is about the same performance as e31230, and the main frequency is 3.6ghz, the maximum Rui frequency is 4.2ghz, and the thermal design power consumption of 65W can not be suppressed without high-end radiator, and it will not be difficult to deal with most games. < / P > < p > with the motherboard, we choose Yingchi b365m tiger generals. The price of 369 yuan is more user-friendly. Although there is no surprise, there is no short board. < / P > < p > there is no suspense about the memory selection of Kingston hacker magic bar. The reputation of hacker magic strip has always been around, and it is not a problem to bring a vest strip for heat dissipation. Although the frequency of 2400 is not high, it can exceed a little bit. Now the price of 4-generation memory is also at a low ebb, and there is no pressure to enter an 8g. < / P > < p > the graphics card may be confused. We chose the RX 580 2048p platinum version OC of sapphire. The performance better than 980 and 1060 at a price of 1000 yuan is good. Moreover, the appearance of sapphire card is online, and the small size doesn’t need to worry about compatibility. < / P > < p > the choice of power supply seems simple, but don’t shrink. Hangjia wd500k is selected here. On the one hand, the gold medal power supply is more energy-saving and stable. On the other hand, even if the hardware is upgraded, the power supply will not be replaced. Hangjia WD series has a good reputation among players and is easy to match. < / P > < p > chassis we choose the magician from jinhetian. One of the highlights of this case is the hidden wire board, which can store the power cord and the main board jumper, so as to achieve the effect of refreshing the back wire. Moreover, the large area iron mesh on the front panel provides a good foundation for heat dissipation. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?