3000 yuan difference! EOS R6, a7m3 or a7r3?

Recently, many people are struggling to buy Sony a7m3 or a7r3? Should I buy a7m3 or a7r3? What is the gap between them? At the very beginning, many people emphasized that a7r3 was chosen because of its high pixel, while a7m3 was a pursuit of comprehensiveness. In fact, this is not entirely true. < / P > < p > there are a large number of forms on the Internet, which just want to reflect. A7m3 has advantages in terms of sensitivity, focusing, number of consecutive shots and battery life, while a7r3 has advantages in pixels, body anti shake and back screen. < p > < p > in terms of video shooting, I have personally compared a7m3 with its advantages. A7m3 is full width overdraft, while a7rm3 has only super 35 mode. < / P > < p > it’s better to use a7m3 for large-scale commercial advertisements in the later stage. After taking so many photos, the pixels are too big for the computer to eat. It’s a pity to delete them and enjoy them. When you zoom in on a computer, you still have to focus on the analysis of the film taken with the same lens. You often make mistakes after half a day’s analysis. You have to worry about high pixels, go straight to a7r4, and the price difference of Sony’s machine is not big. The price difference between a7m3 and a7r3 to a7r4 is 2000 to 8000 yuan. This money can’t buy a good lens. Under high sensitivity, a7r3 is better than a7m3 in terms of scale and signal-to-noise ratio, but a7m3 seems to be better than a7r3 in long exposure to thermal noise. < / P > < p > many people struggle with focusing. There is no denying that a7m3 has many focuses, with coverage rates of 93% and 68% respectively. There are obvious differences in data, but if you look carefully, almost all of them cover the whole screen. They were happy enough to play in terms of regular filming. The a7r3 is already very strong, just in the edge, a7m3 is doing better. There’s nothing to argue about the difference between viewfinder and stroboscopic eye. As for clarity, you can see it at a glance. It’s definitely psychological. Many people because of this entanglement, really unnecessary. There’s no need to emphasize the difference in battery life. If you buy an extra battery, everything will be solved. < / P > < p > I don’t agree with the saying that “if you buy a7m3, you will still miss a7r3. If you buy a7r3, you will soon forget who a7m3 is.” after all, in front of poverty, many things have to bow down! Many people will miss a7r4 even if they buy a7r3. This is an obvious discrimination chain of resolution. < / P > < p > it’s no mistake to choose eosr6 for photography. So far, our comparison is over. Through the comparison and introduction of the detailed system above, I believe you have a certain understanding of the difference between Canon EOS R6 and Sony A7 III cameras. < / P > < p > although the price is similar, there are some differences between Canon EOS R6 and Sony A7 III in terms of configuration and performance. The EOS R6 is equipped with the second generation full pixel dual core focusing system and the digital X processor of eos-1d x Mark III, so it has excellent performance in the shooting experience and image quality level. Canon EOS R6 can bring professional level, and better meet users’ demanding requirements for camera output, whether in photographing or video shooting. < p > < p > Canon EOS R6 micro stand-alone full frame micro single 4K video shooting with lens to achieve dual 8-level anti shake animal detection < / P > < p > although Sony A7 III is also a balanced full frame micro single camera, it is applicable to a large number of people. Canon EOS R6, with its excellent image quality, focusing, anti shake, tolerance and video level, can not only meet the needs of professional photographers and video studios, but also meet the shooting needs of professional sports and animal photography professionals. With such a wide range of applications, it can be fully affirmed that the configuration performance of the camera has advantages over the products of the same level. Finally, the choice of photographic equipment is related to your own budget. If you have more budget, try to match the big three yuan lens. Privacy Policy