3499 yuan to let the world see the world

Not long ago, youpai launched its flagship product of the year, Q7 + Intelligent projection. On the basis of its professional supercolor technology and high-quality images, it also improves the angle of picture correction, and at the same time, the appearance design is more reasonable. Next, it brings you a real experience of this product. < p > < p > youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection adopts ancient copper and gold color matching, adding a touch of retro flavor to the product, which is suitable for home environment. Its modeling is square and simple, in line with the current people’s aesthetic. This machine is also equipped with two USB interfaces and one HDMI interface as the home display terminal. < / P > < p > compared with the previous work, youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection adopts the central lens design which is only applied to high-order projectors. It can switch on and off the machine directly through the lens cover, and it is more flexible when hoisting. This product also uses spherical glass lens, which can effectively reduce the dispersion and stabilize the picture. < p > < p > the nominal brightness of youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection is 1200 lumens. According to the ANSI standard, I have conducted a comprehensive investigation on the brightness, color temperature and color gamut of this product, and the test results are as follows. < / P > < p > the peak brightness of youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection reaches 1204 lumens, exceeding the nominal value; the maximum brightness is 1166 lumens and the ANSI brightness is 1159 lumens, which can basically meet the image quality effect in the light on environment at night, and it is also sufficient to project 60-70 inch pictures in the bright living room. < p > < p > the measured rec.709 color gamut of youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection is 95.9%, which can display more colors; the measured color temperature is 8060k, the picture is more transparent and pure, and the effect of displaying cold color is better. This color style is also more in line with the aesthetic taste of Chinese users. < / P > < p > with 1080p Full HD resolution, youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection can truly achieve every detail in the film, and the audience can have a glance at any details in the film. Super color technology makes the screen color completely new, real and full like a cinema, and can truly present the original color of the film. < / P > < p > youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection is equipped with hdr10 as standard. On the basis of ensuring the resolution, the picture contrast is further improved, and the details of dark parts are richer. Next, the image quality and color appreciation of the machine are followed. < / P > < p > youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection has fine quality and accurate color restoration. In the four color contrast, it can accurately restore all four colors; in the landscape photos, it can also perfectly present different colors, and at the same time, 1080p resolution fully presents the details of the picture, and the overall effect is satisfactory. < / P > < p > the above is a real shot of the film. You can see that youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection has high definition, and the details are completely preserved. In addition, the sound effect is also mentioned. The machine adopts a sealed large cavity design, carries a 10W high-power speaker, and supports Dolby audio. The sound presented is real and delicate, which can bring a strong sense of presence to the audience. In the evaluation, I feel that its sound is very real and immersive, like the fluctuation of water flow and the sound of pouring tea in the film, which seems to happen around me. < p > < p > youpai Q7 + is equipped with an intelligent system and a large number of built-in film and television resources, from hot movies to variety shows. The system also divides the resources in detail so that users can quickly find their favorite content. The system UI is simple and intuitive, the color matching is natural, and it looks very warm. < p > < p > youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection is equipped with AI voice remote control. Press and hold the voice key on the remote control to perform most operations, such as film search, volume adjustment, etc. It’s really nice to be able to operate the machine with your mouth. It is worth mentioning that this machine has also cancelled the start-up advertisement, and there is no need to wait for the play. < p > < p > youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection has newly upgraded the dynamic compensation function of MEMC, which makes the insertion of frames more smooth, and the refresh rate of the picture can reach up to 60Hz. There will be no stuck or residual images when watching ball games or action movies. As can be seen from the GIF picture above, both the movement of football and the movement of players are very smooth, and the effect is the same as that of traditional LCD TV. < / P > < p > wireless screen projection is naturally essential. Youpai Q7 + has built-in music broadcast application, and the system has detailed video explanation on the screen projection operation, and the first use is free of obstacles. Thanks to the powerful hardware configuration, the screen delay is also very low. For example, the picture of King glory game on the screen can be synchronized with my mobile phone, and there is no problem playing games on the large screen. < / P > < p > I think youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection is a cost-effective product. First of all, its functional design is very comprehensive, and its unique center lens also brings more convenience for installation. The measured brightness reaches more than 1200 lumens, which can effectively resist the influence of ambient light. 1080p Full HD resolution and a number of image quality enhancement technologies upgrade the viewing experience in an all-round way Big screen can bring cinema like effect. < / P > < p > corresponding to the excellent performance, the price of youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection is only 3499 yuan. It is not difficult to see that youpai is sincere enough this time, and the price is also very competitive compared with the competitive products. From a macro perspective, the price of more than 3000 yuan can also be accepted by most people to meet the desire of ordinary families for large screen. < / P > < p > from the perspective of application scenarios, youpai Q7 + Intelligent projection has small size, reasonable price, and projection ratio is only 1.2, which does not require high space. Therefore, it is very suitable for young people to buy, especially for college students and young people renting houses in big cities. It is really suitable to enjoy large screen cinema in a narrow space. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia