360 experts attend UN conference to share corporate practice of cyber crime prevention

Recently, the sixth meeting of the United Nations Intergovernmental expert group on Cybercrime was held online. As the only Chinese enterprise expert representative, Dr. Han Liyun from 360 future security research institute shared the theme of “cyber crime prevention and prevention from the perspective of network attack and defense technology” in the session of “cyber crime prevention”. Dr. Han Liyun pointed out that the new type of cyber crime supported by cyber attack technology has brought great challenges to the social stability of various countries and even the development of global digital economy. The key to the governance of cyber crime lies in strengthening prevention. With the rapid development of China’s digital process and platform economy, it will naturally become a serious disaster area of cyber crime. 360 mobile phone guard statistics show that the number of new malware samples increased sharply in December last year, with an increase of 316000 in that month, which was affected by the epidemic situation. The number of Internet crimes committed by malicious programs increased significantly through hot spots such as selling masks, masks fund trays, epidemic part-time jobs and loans, and remained at a high level until January and February this year. According to statistics, in 2020, q1360 mobile phone guards received 856 mobile phone fraud reports, involving a total amount of 3.402 million yuan. In response to this grim situation, China attaches great importance to the prevention and combat of cyber crime. Among them, many excellent enterprises rely on their own technical advantages to actively make a lot of exploration, innovation and contribution in the field of network crime prevention, hoping to share these valuable experience with global experts and learn from each other. Today’s criminal gangs are mostly “big players”. They often aim at the Internet of things, key infrastructure, combined with social engineering and other means, using advanced network attack technology, long-term lurking, layer by layer springboard, and committing cyber crime. This new type of network crime shows the characteristics of industrialization, collectivization and scale, the rapid evolution of technical means and the enhancement of anti reconnaissance ability. Han Liyun believes that the key to deal with this new type of network crime supported by technology is the prevention based on network attack and defense technology. It is necessary to make full use of network attack and defense technology, improve various pre capabilities from the source, as well as the ability to identify, discover, respond and control. ” < / P > < p > 360 security team has built a series of security analysis and response platforms, financial anti fraud platforms, anti Telecom fraud platforms, etc., based on more than ten years of deep network attack and defense experience, massive security big data, full view Threat Intelligence and other security capabilities, using multi-dimensional detection engine, vulnerability mining, attack deception defense and other advanced technologies, to create a series of security analysis and response platforms, financial anti fraud platforms, anti Telecom fraud platforms, etc., for network anti fraud, anti gambling and anti pornography In the process of identification, detection and interception of communication and other black ash products, it also helps finance, communication, power and other industries to improve their ability to protect information infrastructure and industrial Internet security. < / P > < p > “reducing and repairing loopholes can reduce the possibility of criminals using loopholes to commit crimes from the source”. For example, 360 security team has submitted more than 2000 high-value security vulnerabilities to Google, Microsoft, apple and other companies, and assisted in locating and repairing vulnerabilities, helping to protect the rights and interests of users and preventing them from happening. “This is the typical practice of community smart application in network crime prevention.” < p > < p > “in addition to strengthening prevention, we should also enhance the safety awareness of Internet users and enhance the ability of security personnel,” Han Liyun said. 360 University of cybersecurity is committed to building a cloud platform for Cyberspace Security Education, and promoting the improvement of network security capabilities in China and other developing countries. < / P > < p > in the prevention of cyber crime, enterprises have more advantages in technological innovation, and should and can play a greater role. Finally, Dr. Han called for the promotion of research cooperation and exchange among global industrial communities. In addition, 360 is currently preparing to build a new network crime research institute. In the future, it will continue to fully combine the practice of enterprises in the field of network crime prevention, summarize the application rules and achievements of anti fraud, anti gambling, anti pornography and basic protection, carry out continuous research, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with industry experts. According to the public information, the United Nations Intergovernmental expert group on cyber crime was established on the basis of which to explore the legislative and practical issues in combating cyber crime and promote international cooperation in combating cyber crime. It is regarded as a dialogue platform for global stability and international governance of cybercrime under the framework of the United Nations. 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