4K screen Rog illusory 15 Designer: easy to deal with multitasking

In 2020, with the rapid development of notebook computer industry, the products of various brands with different selling points are booming, and the product types including light and thin books, game books and all-around books will blossom more and more, making consumers dazzled. For designers, there are few popular products. The products on the market are either expensive or bulky and not portable. At this time, Rog player country launched the Rog magic 15 designer notebook. The outstanding production capacity and high appearance have been widely praised by the designer group. < p > < p > as a notebook computer specially designed for designers, Rog magic 15 takes full consideration of the designer’s work requirements on the core hardware. It has installed Intel’s 10th generation core i7-10875h processor and NVIDIA geforce RTX 2070 graphics card, as well as max-q design / 2060 graphics card. The multi-core and multi-threaded design, together with the flagship graphics card supporting ray tracing, ensures high-performance output, and greatly reduces the time of processing multi tasks at the same time. The efficiency of rendering pictures or exporting video will be further improved. In the face of batch tasks, thanks to the CPU’s high frequency design and alten technology, it can ensure the smooth operation of the task. Even if the work is frequently switched, the software is rarely stuck. The high-performance graphics card will provide strong support for rendering, multi-layer stacking and other work in the design process. When using professional drawing software such as Photoshop and SketchUp, it can ensure its efficient and smooth operation. < p > < p > for designers, the display screen used to display works is undoubtedly the top priority. Rog magic 15 is equipped with a display screen with a resolution of 4K UHD, with 100% Adobe gamut coverage, and the average △ e < 1 and the maximum △ e < 2 of the calibrated color accuracy. It is also certified by Pantone, a professional color correction organization. High resolution and excellent color performance will give the designer accurate visual feedback in the process of drawing and design. The exquisite appearance of high-resolution screen can help the designer to find mistakes quickly and correct mistakes in time. 100% Adobe RGB gamut and Pantone color correction software and hardware technology support can reduce the color display error of works, avoid repeated work, and improve efficiency. < / P > < p > different from the traditional bulky designer workstation, Rog magic 15 designers used aluminum magnesium alloy material as the fuselage material on the premise of ensuring performance, which made the weight of the fuselage controlled at about 1.9kg, and the thickness was as low as 20.5mm, which is very rare in the current Designer notebook computer products. With the light shape and special texture design, the designer can carry it to the office building and coffee shop at any time and anywhere. When traveling or on business, it can be easily put into the conventional backpack, which greatly improves the travel convenience. < p > < p > focusing on production efficiency, display effect and lightweight portable, Rog magic 15 designer book meets the designer’s needs in an all-round way. It not only continues the brand concept that Rog has always been only for users, but also injects a new vitality into the notebook computer market. Easy to use and beautiful fusion of beauty, so that light designers become possible, it is worth pursuing extraordinary designers to choose! < p > < p > Rog player country is a high-end E-sports brand for global players. Its product lines span the motherboard, graphics card, notebook computer, desktop computer, game phone, monitor, audio equipment, network equipment and the surrounding of E-sports. It promotes the development of the game industry with high-quality, efficient and highly creative professional E-sports equipment, which is the global E-sports players and game enthusiasts Preferred brand. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo