5.4 inch iPhone 12 color rendering exposure six color options

Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be held in September. Apple will launch a new product conference in September to launch a new generation of mobile phone. Apple will launch its annual conference this year as a result of the new crown pneumonia outbreak this year. Although Apple has not yet announced a specific time, there have been reports that Apple has started recording the conference and is actively preparing for it. According to the disclosure, Apple will launch four iPhone 12 series phones, namely, a 5.4-inch iPhone 12, a 6.1-inch iphone12max and iphone12pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 12promax. Svetapple, a website that has produced a set of 5.4-inch renderings of the iPhone 12 based on reliable exposure information, is a return to classic design.

from the rendering, the frame of the iPhone 12 is very similar to that of the iPhone 4. The middle frame is very “flat”, which is in sharp contrast to the mellow design of recent generations of iPhones. I personally prefer this kind of design similar to the iPhone 4, which should be the straight man aesthetic. And this generation of iPhone 12 is expected to provide six colors, including white, black, red, green, yellow and purple, and the choice space is very large. In addition, the bangs of the iPhone 12 are expected to be a little smaller than before, but not too much.

the 5.4-inch version of the iPhone is definitely very attractive to users who like small screen size, and it will be very comfortable to hold. It will be equipped with a14bionic processor, 4gbram, 5g network, dual camera, faceid and will be sold from 749 euro. At present, Apple has a large base of potential upgrades, so the sales of iPhone 12 series should be very good. After all, many people are waiting for 5g iPhones. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia