5000 MAH battery 1000 yuan 5g mobile phone real me V5 evaluation: dominate the 1000 yuan market?

When it comes to 1000 yuan mobile phone, your first impression is that it can be used, and there is no quality at all. What’s more, due to the addition of 5g this year, the cost of a thousand yuan 5g mobile phone is very rare. At this time, realme, a new brand, has launched this 5g thousand yuan mobile phone with its main color, long endurance, fast charging and 90hz high refresh rate. The slogan is still & quot; Ollie to & quot; Is it really possible for Ollie to dominate the 1000 yuan machine market? I’ve been using it for a week, and I’d like to share the experience of using this 1399 yuan 5g mobile phone.

mobile phone and flagship machine are not only the top level of configuration, but also make complaints about appearance design. They always use the shape design of previous generations of mobile phones, and they are not fashionable enough. Real me V5 is not like this. After all, it is aimed at young consumer groups, so it has also made a lot of efforts in the appearance design. Although it is not amazing, it is also the flagship aircraft and the mainstream scheme popular this year, and has made great efforts in details. < / P > < p > < p > the front face adopts the hole digging full screen design which is popular this year. The diameter of a single hole is also very small. The screen size is 6.5 inches, accounting for 90.7% of the total screen size. Although the LCD screen is used due to the cost limitation, it is slightly thicker than the OLED screen. However, with a 5000mAh large battery, the thickness of the body is controlled at 9.1mm. With the weight of 194 grams, it will not feel bulky in the hand, and the control is good. < / P > < p > because it is a LCD screen, a fingerprint unlocking mode combining power button and fingerprint recognition is adopted, which is more convenient and practical with face recognition. < / P > < p > This screen also has a major feature, which supports a high refresh rate of 90hz and a sampling rate of 180hz. Under the deep adaptation of realme UI, it can bring a more smooth and smooth experience. The high refresh rate of the screen was originally the standard configuration of the flagship machine. Now you can experience it on the 1000 yuan machine, and the experience from 60Hz to 90hz is very obvious. You can go and experience it. < p > < p > in the back design, realme V5 is also a trendsetter, bringing this year’s popular 3D surface design, and adopting Ag sanding process, which not only ensures the hand feeling, but also does not stain fingerprints, which is good-looking and practical. In terms of color matching, it is also a big deal. The young silverwings with a big logo, and the little logo’s blue in blue and dawn light, each color has a meaning related to youth. This is the light of dawn, from light blue to dark blue, on behalf of youth breaking through the morning light, yearning for the beginning of new things. < / P > < p > the arrangement of the cameras is the rectangular design popular this year, with a little bump. Although realme V5 is a thousand yuan machine, it is still very good in workmanship. No matter the gap between the screen and the middle frame, and the seams of the camera module are handled very well. There are no obvious gaps or imbalances, so you will not have an obvious cheap feeling when you hold it. < / P > < p > long endurance and charging Ollie is a major feature of realme V5, which is also very prominent for a thousand yuan machine. Not only is it equipped with 5000mAh large battery, which can let young friends enjoy themselves, but also has 30W super flash charging and blood enriching Ollie. Let’s take a look at my actual test performance. < / P > < p > the first is the power consumption test. It is officially claimed that 5% of the power can stand by for 28 hours. Standby is not important, but the playing time is important. So tiktok also tested the use of more scenes for young friends. The awesome application of online video and micro-blog’s trembling voice is very powerful at 3% minutes in 30 minutes. For heavy online games and long-term video recording, the power consumption of 30 minutes is 5% and 7% respectively, and the performance is very strong. It is not a heavy user. There is no problem with the remaining 50% of the power in a day. Realme V5 has also become the only mobile phone with more than 50% of the battery power remaining in the 5-hour test run of Xiaobai. It can be seen that the battery life of this monster with 5000mAh large battery can play, which can fully guarantee that our young friends can use it safely when they are out of the house. < / P > < p > in addition to its powerful performance, realme UI also plays an important role in optimization. Through intelligent deployment, it can ensure better power saving at the software level. < / P > < p > as a thousand yuan machine, it can be equipped with 30W charging power. Realme V5 is quite sincere. The charging rate is about 10% in 5 minutes and nearly 60% in 30 minutes. The whole charging control is about 1 hour, which is excellent. After all, the battery capacity is 5000mAh. < / P > < p > the large battery can guarantee the service life, and the fast charging can ensure the fast blood return. It is very friendly for us who are worried about the battery. When we go out, we don’t have to worry about the power failure of the mobile phone. We can find the mobile power supply everywhere, which is more convenient to use. < / P > < p > this year is the first year of 5g. When you buy a mobile phone, you must give priority to 5g. Realme V5 In consideration of your needs, on the basis of ensuring smooth performance, the dual-mode 5g is introduced, so that you can enjoy 5g fast for the first time. Even if you have not replaced the expensive 5g package, 4G card can also enjoy 5g network when inserted into 5g mobile phone. Although the peak download bandwidth is limited to 300m, it is still much faster than 4G network, so you can experience 5g fast in advance Speed, this is also the significance of the popularization of 5g mobile phones, so that everyone can feel the progress of science and technology with the least money. < / P > < p > because of the limited cost, the real me V5 is equipped with Tianji 7205g SOC. In addition to Supporting Dual-Mode 5g, the performance is also good. Although the running points can not fully reflect the situation, the performance of Angou rabbit nearly 300000 also proves that the chip can meet the needs of daily use. The most important thing for a thousand yuan machine is to be smooth and stable, which we can rest assured. < / P > < p > as a young friend, playing games is indispensable. Can’t this thousand yuan function play the mainstream games now? The answer is no problem. Although the frame rate of King’s glory is a little fluctuating, it can basically maintain at about 60 frames, and there will be no obvious stuck. The average frame rate of the whole game is about 58, which is still very good. < / P > < p > the performance of this Tianji 720 chip is certainly not outstanding, but for a 1399 yuan mobile phone, there is no problem in dealing with daily use and occasionally playing games. Of course, if you are a friend who likes playing games, it is still recommended that you buy a top-level flagship or game phone. < / P > < p > realme V5’s realme UI is also optimized in the direction of popular play, and its simplicity and characteristics are my first impression. In terms of system color, icon, wallpaper and animation, we try our best to give users intuitive use experience, so that we can quickly adapt to it. After all, it is a new brand. Moreover, in terms of optimization, realme UI deeply optimizes AI application pre startup and super power-saving mode, and improves app startup speed through AI optimization to ensure smooth system operation. < / P > < p > in addition, realme UI also has some interesting small functions, such as: focus mode, calendar invitation, personal information protection, dark mode, icon sinking, etc., which has its own small features, so that everyone can remember it. < / P > < p > first, let’s talk about this scenario mode. It is different from the silent mode and ring tone mode in our impression. We set these modes according to our young people’s usage habits. Focus mode allows us to focus on learning and thinking, away from the interference of mobile phones. Now our mobile phones do not leave hands, it is difficult to have their own dedicated time, immersive learning and deep thinking, this mode forces you to think deeply. There are also driving modes, automatic switching to voice control, which are very distinctive and have deep thinking about the problems and needs of young people, which are characteristic and practical. < / P > < p > in terms of convenient interaction, realme UI has also made a lot of efforts, including intelligent sidebar, suspension ball, flashback key, application split screen, etc. And in the application split screen, there are three startup modes, so that you can start the application split screen in the fastest way in different scenarios, which is convenient and practical. < / P > < p > the last time we used realme UI was realme X50 pro player version. When I came to realme V5 again, I was still very impressed by UI. In this year when Android deep customization system is becoming more and more homogeneous, realme UI enables us to remember it through some feature points, increase user stickiness, look good and use it. < / P > < p > cameras are highly concerned by users, and it has become a habit for us to take photos casually. Real me V5 post four cameras, including 48 million super clear main camera, 8 million ultra wide angle camera, 2 million macro camera and 2 million black-and-white portrait camera. Although it is not a top-level configuration, its actual performance is still good, especially in macro range. < / P > < p > on the front camera, realme V5 is equipped with a 16 megapixel AI camera, which supports portrait virtualization and AI beauty. The actual effect is that when the light is sufficient, there is no problem for ladies and sisters to take photos. The beauty effect is good, the impression is good. < / P > < p > when there is plenty of sunshine in the daytime, the main camera performs very well. When AI is turned on, the saturation will not be too high. The overall impression is very good. There is no problem to take photos with you in daily travel. < / P > < p > when the light is a little bit poor at night, although the real me V5 camera will have some smearing feeling when it is enlarged, we are in the circle of friends most of the time, so there is no problem at all. < / P > < p > here, I want to praise the real self V5, a 119 ° ultra wide angle lens, has a wide field of vision, and the gap can be seen when compared with the main camera. When photographing scenery and architecture, wide angle can not only accommodate more content, but also bring a stronger sense of impact after wide-angle perspective. < / P > < p > realme another bright spot of real me V5 camera is 4cm super macro range. Macro imaging can be shot closer, and the virtualization is very natural. It’s really amazing that the thousand yuan machine has such a level. < / P > < p > in addition to the good performance of the camera, realme V5 is also optimized for video requirements, and the post support of & quot; UIs Super Video anti shake + UIs Super Video anti shake Max & quot; dual Super Video anti shake mode, which can obtain more stable pictures through AI algorithm. In addition, you can play video clips easily with your own solo intelligent editing software. The real me V5 of 1000 yuan class, the overall performance of the camera meets the requirements of daily use, and wide angle and macro range are the highlights. < p > < p > realme V5, as a 5g mobile phone with a thousand yuan, does have some trade-offs because of its price and cost limitations. For example, it does not have NFC, and the screen can’t be used on AMOLED. It doesn’t have a top flagship mobile phone. However, it pays attention to the target users in this price segment. It has a 5000mAh large battery with 30W fast charging, fast charging and long battery life, which can get rid of the trouble of the battery; and 90hz high brush screen As well as the dual-mode 5g, you can experience the functions of the flagship at the lowest price, and enjoy the charm of technology. In addition, the appearance design, details and UI performance make the realme V5 with a starting price of 1399 yuan is very cost-effective. If you want to enjoy 5g fast ahead of time, you might as well try this thousand yuan machine. It’s really fragrant, don’t you think? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do y