5000mAh + 120Hz, can iqoo z1x take into account high brush and endurance?

For a long time, users are most concerned about the phone’s endurance and fluency. When it comes to endurance, it’s natural that you can’t do without a big battery, and when it comes to fluency, you can’t miss the blessing of high screen swiping. As we all know, the higher the refresh rate of mobile phone screen, the smoother the display effect is, and the better experience it brings to us. If you want to recommend a mobile phone with both endurance and fluency, “iqoo z1x” is definitely a good choice. It has a series of hard core configurations, such as 5000mAh super large battery, 33W flash charging, 120Hz racing screen and so on. It has excellent use experience. < / P > < p > 5000mAh super large battery meets 120Hz racing screen. Friends who often pay attention to mobile phone products will be very surprised when they see these configurations, because such a configuration combination can better balance the service life and high refresh rate. < / P > < p > to know the endurance strength of iqoo z1x with 5000mAh battery, we can test the endurance by simulating daily use scenarios. The test items include e-book, online video, online Bluetooth music, peace elite and QQ flying car. < / P > < p > I believe that many post-80s and post-90s friends have had the experience of reading e-books on their mobile phones. What is the experience of reading e-books on iqoo z1x’s 120Hz racing screen? First of all, in terms of the power consumption that you are most concerned about, the power consumption of an hour’s e-book reading with iqoo z1x is 4%. Reading a novel on a 6.57 inch, 120Hz racing screen is a great experience. Recalling the days when we used a 3-inch “big screen” mobile phone to watch Xiuxian and fantasy novels, we can not help but sigh that the development of science and technology is really too fast! < p > < p > after one hour of Netease cloud music, the power consumption of iqoo z1x is only 1%. You’re right. Bluetooth online music consumes 1% of the power in an hour. I can’t help but sigh that iqoo z1x is really saving power when listening to music with Bluetooth. In this way, the iqoo z1x will not be powered off even if it is a train ride for dozens of hours. < / P > < p > I still remember that when I first watched video on my mobile phone for 10 minutes, the traffic cost alone would be about 100. Now come to the 5g era, the price of traffic has been greatly reduced, and we have formed the habit of watching online video. Iqoo z1x also has a very good experience in watching video, with excellent display effect and low power consumption. The power consumption of watching online video for one hour is only 8%. Iqoo z1x, which is fully charged, can let me watch dozens of episodes of animation. This kind of endurance experience is really good. < / P > < p > next, we will test the game life of iqoo z1x. In the popular game king Rongyao, iqoo z1x’s performance can be said to be very hard core, the picture is smooth and smooth, the control is also very handy, with the PC level liquid cooling heat dissipation, the heat of the mobile phone is also very small, the game experience can be said to be very excellent. After playing King’s glory for one hour, the power consumption of iqoo z1x is 8%. It can be seen that the iqoo z1x with 5000mAh battery is definitely the most suitable mobile phone for liver games. < / P > < p > to be honest, glory is not my favorite game. Relatively speaking, I prefer QQ racing games, which have a series of advantages such as easy to use, stimulating and fun. In addition, QQ flying car is one of the few games on the market that adapts to 120Hz screen. < / P > < p > when playing QQ flying car with iqoo z1x, you can obviously feel that the smoothness of the picture has become a lot higher, the control and chirality are also better, and the game experience is very cool. After playing QQ for an hour, the power consumption of iqoo z1x is only 12%, and the endurance experience is as good as ever. After five hours of use, the iqoo z1x consumes 33% of its power and 67% of its remaining power, with excellent battery life. The iqoo z1x is equipped with a 120Hz racing screen, which can display 120 frames per second, which means that the iqoo z1x screen will bring us more smooth and smooth display effect. When the endurance test was not conducted, I subconsciously thought that while the 120Hz racing screen brought more fluent pictures, the power consumption was also greatly increased. However, after actual measurement, it can be found that the power consumption of iqoo z1x is not very large. How does iqoo z1x balance performance and power consumption? The answer is the global adaptive refresh rate. < / P > < p > when the screen refresh rate is set to intelligent switching, the global adaptive refresh rate function of iqoo z1x can be turned on. At this time, iqoo z1x can automatically identify whether the user is operating the mobile phone, switch to the high frame rate mode according to the actual application requirements, and the frame rate intelligent dynamic switching can reduce the power consumption of the screen and achieve the balance of performance and power consumption. In addition, iqoo z1x is equipped with a 5000mAh super large battery. It is also expected that such an excellent endurance experience can be obtained finally. < p > < p > iqoo z1x is also equipped with 33W flash charging, and it only takes 83 minutes to fully charge. For a mobile phone with 5000mAh battery, iqoo z1x has such a charging speed, which is also the middle and upper level in the industry. < / P > < p > in the process of the gradual popularization of high-speed screen swiping, many users and media call this configuration crazily, saying that high-speed screen swiping is “hard to use” configuration. It’s true that the extremely smooth and smooth experience is hard to go back to, but the most difficult thing to go back to is the endurance. In the 4G era, we have long been used to the life of battery life with one charge per day and one and a half days. However, after the 5g era, many mobile phones have added 5g and high screen swipe, and the battery capacity is still the same as that in the 4G era, which eventually leads to the discount of battery life. < / P > < p > adhering to the original iqoo z1x, while bringing 5g and high-speed screen, the battery is also upgraded synchronously, which finally brings a better battery life experience. After five hours of use, the remaining power is as high as 67%, which can be said to be very excellent in terms of battery life. This kind of experience can not go back when it is used. Skip to content