5500 yuan a “shell” high imitation app how to break

Original title: 5500 yuan a “shell” high imitation app how to break

Under the pressure of supervision, high imitation app is still active in the black market. On January 28, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that there are still software development teams providing high imitation app production business, and loan apps are sold at different prices, but they can’t go online in the application mall. At the same time, high imitation app can also retain and backup user data, which can be reused after being reported. High imitation app has been banned repeatedly, and fraud continues. Legal professionals have made it clear that if the buyer uses the app to carry out fraud activities, the seller may constitute an accomplice in the fraud.

Limited online pricing

On January 28, a reporter from Beijing business daily noticed through the “small advertisement” of an online social platform that many software development teams claimed to undertake all kinds of APP production activities, and some template samples provided were exactly the same as those of the official platform.

Through the contact information left by the other party, a reporter from Beijing business daily contacted him. When Beijing Business Daily reporter proposed to make an app that is the same as the existing loan app, the other side said there was no problem and provided a specific product display link. Links show that the company can develop software, including chat live, micro exchange, financial projects and other sectors. In the financial project section, the display cases include three product names: “xinxinxiaodai”, “daihuanbutou” and “ant financial service”.

For a loan app that goes online in Apple’s app mall given by Beijing Business Daily reporter, the company said it can complete the production 1:1, including the cost of source code and interface beautification. The quotation is 5500 yuan, and the subsequent monthly operating fee is 2000 yuan, and the server renewal is calculated separately. “The fake app can be downloaded through the QR code. If you want to go on sale in the app mall, you need to price according to the actual situation.”

Another business undertaking the development of loan app told Beijing Business Daily that the final price of 1:1 software is determined by the difficulty of realizing the app’s built-in functions. It only needs to provide the app you want to quote online. The overall price of loan app is similar. For Beijing Business Daily reporter to provide a listed company’s credit card installment loan software, the other side’s offer is 29800 yuan, construction period of 20 days, follow-up free maintenance. At the same time, the business stressed that it can provide data backup service for free. If the subsequent fake app is reported, it can replace the domain name and server for the buyer to continue to use.

As for how to put on the shelves in the app mall, the merchant said that if other types of apps are put on the shelves, after the team completes the development, it only needs to pay the fees required by the app market. Compared with Apple App market, Android App market requires less fees and cycles. “But there is no way to put on the shelves for loan apps. Now we can’t do it, and the audit limit is too high It won’t pass at all now.

In response, Sun Yang, director of the financial technology research center of Suning Institute of financial research, said that unlike other types of apps, loan apps have a lot of risks, involving illegal lending, defrauding users of sensitive information, fraud and other aspects. High imitation app mainly relies on the brand effect of the platform to be imitated, so as to realize user expansion quickly, with low cost and high income, but most of them are illegal operations.

Zhang Peng, a lawyer of Beijing Zhongwen law firm, clearly stated that according to relevant laws and regulations, he is suspected of helping network information crime activities by knowing that others use information networks to commit crimes, providing technical support such as Internet access, server hosting, network storage, communication transmission, or providing advertising promotion, payment and settlement Crime. Especially in the financial field of high imitation app, production motivation is not pure, both sides of the transaction should not exist fluke psychology, if the buyer uses the app to implement fraud activities, the seller may constitute an accomplice in fraud.

It’s impossible to prevent fancy transformation

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that the current high imitation app of loan category includes two forms: one is to attract users to borrow money from their own channels through fake app, implement usury and routine loan; the other is to directly cheat users by activating bank card, paying service fee in advance and other methods. A person who once worked in the development of 714 anti-aircraft gun app told Beijing Business Daily that it is not difficult to make a high imitation app. At present, there are many small software development companies in the industry specializing in this kind of work, and even part of the app source code can be obtained through purchase, which can be simply modified according to the specific needs of the buyer. Take the consumer finance platform as an example. After the app is imitated, the original repayment time and interest rate calculation of the consumer finance platform are difficult to meet the needs of the buyer, so this part of the function will be modified separately.

The R & D personnel further pointed out that the most important thing of high imitation app is to use users’ credit for the legitimate platform, and the trading partner is actually a “shell”. Even if it can’t be used after being reported, the user data has been saved in the background and can be reused by changing a “shell”. However, the R & D personnel said that due to the stricter regulatory environment, many third-party payment companies have terminated the cooperation with the cash loan platform, “the operation is high and the cost of imitating app is low, but it will be a bit troublesome without payment channels, and the risk of bad debts should be borne by themselves.”.

As mentioned by the R & D personnel, the high imitation app for lending makes more use of users’ psychology of urgent need for money, reduces users’ psychological preparedness, and implements fraud activities. There is still a market for high imitation app, which also means that the fraud around it continues. Two users who had been induced to download high imitation app introduced to Beijing Business Daily that they encountered fraud after downloading loan app through QR code provided by the other party.

Sun Yang believes that at present, it is not ruled out that some employees of the lending platform will leak the customer’s lending information to others after obtaining it in the company. If users want to avoid this risk, they should make it clear that the customer service staff of the formal loan platform will not contact users with their personal phone number, nor will they collect user identity, bank card and other information through other ways. “Formal online loans are approved by model in batch, and never believe the saying of manual review of loans.”.

“This is the same as the previous fraud process of” return “in the field of e-commerce. It involves a big risk of highly imitated app in the financial field, that is, stealing personal privacy information, and then involving illegal information reselling and precise fraud,” points out Su Xiaorui, a senior expert in the field of financial technology. “Users should also raise their awareness of vigilance, and verify whether the app is from a regular source in many ways, which is not easy Disclose personal information and sensitive account information, verification code, etc. “

How to prevent repeated prohibitions

It’s not only consumers who are cheated, but the existence of high imitation app also makes the formal platform that has been counterfeited get stuck in the throat. A financial industry practitioner told Beijing Business Daily that previously, his company’s platform had been exploited because it did not pay attention to the audit of software copyright. Under the company’s banner, the high imitation app, which is actually a loan supermarket, was once put on the shelves in the application mall, and it was only solved after multiple complaints.

Another industry practitioner pointed out that the high imitation app development behavior is relatively hidden, and it is difficult for the platform side to find problems. Even after the detection of counterfeits, it is not easy to further crack down on the criminals behind them. “Sometimes we will work with the police to find out, but we can’t catch people every time.”

In order to enhance users’ vigilance, the app special governance working group set up by the China Consumer Association and other departments has repeatedly issued documents to remind users to guard against “copycat / high imitation app”. Many platforms have also strengthened user tips. On January 28, the 360 IOU anti fraud Laboratory of 360 digital technology released statistics on the eight major telecom scams in 2020, among which “fake loan app” was mentioned.

Under multiple attacks, why does the high imitation app continue to be banned? Su Xiaorui believes that the reasons are as follows: first, the legal awareness of the employees involved in the high imitation app industry chain is weak, and they do not hesitate to take risks in order to make profits; second, the top-level system is not yet perfect, and there is a lack of clear division of labor and relevant disposal rules; third, some counterfeited institutions also lack effective restraint means, and it is difficult to protect their rights by issuing notices in the name of “risk tips”; fourth, the crackdown is not strong Enough, usually after the bad results to deal with.

As for how to crack down, Sun Yang pointed out that through computer technology, APP resources on the Internet should be monitored and automatically identified. At the same time, laws and regulations should be formulated to protect the property rights of app, and top punishment should be given to acts such as counterfeiting. Thirdly, the app store should also take the responsibility to ensure that there is no escape for the counterfeit app in the app market through AI and manual audit.

“Moving forward the supervision link is an important means. In recent years, in order to deal with money laundering, cross-border gambling, telecommunications fraud and other cases, the pre regulatory link starts from the payment end, cutting off the illegal and gambling capital chain. ” Su Xiaorui suggested: first, from the top-level system, improve the identification of high imitation app and other related illegal acts, clarify the division of supervision responsibilities of various departments; second, strengthen the app supervision in the application market, and take responsibility for the person responsible for app audit in the application market who fails to supervise the application market; third, set up a special complaint and reporting channel to smooth the flow of complaints The fourth is to intensify the judicial crackdown, set up a number of typical cases of major and important cases, so as to deter the criminals and eliminate the industry atmosphere.

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)