59 47…… Another 275 Chinese apps are targeted by India!

Following the ban on 59 Chinese apps such as tiktok, bigo live, Kwai, Shein and club factory last month, the Indian government announced yesterday that it would ban 47 applications from China, and the list will be published soon. It is reported that these 47 applications are mainly “clone” versions of previously banned applications, including tiktok Lite, hello Lite, bigo Lite, ShareIt lite and vfy Lite.

at the same time, according to foreign media reports, the Indian government has put about 275 Chinese applications on the “blacklist” for review, including Alibaba, Tencent, byte skipping, Xiaomi and other related applications of Chinese Internet giants. The reason for the audit is to check whether it violates India’s national security and user privacy, and if any security vulnerabilities are found in these applications, they will be banned.

Yibang power learned that among the apps that have been put on the review list by the Indian government, there are mobile games pubg and supercell of Tencent, Zili of Xiaomi, global express of cross-border e-commerce platform of Alibaba, music streaming media reso, Meiyan camera faceu and ulike, video editing tool capsule, etc, In addition, the trial installation of AR invested by Ali applies perfect Corp.

India quoted people familiar with the matter as saying: “the government may ban all or part of the list.” It is reported that a senior Indian government official said that the relevant departments of the Indian government are trying to develop laws or some form of regulation to facilitate the continuous review of applications running in India.

it is understood that the Indian government has also set up a review committee for 59 previously banned Chinese apps, which is composed of members from the Ministry of the interior, the Ministry of electronics and information technology, the Ministry of information and broadcasting, the Ministry of law and justice, and the Indian computer emergency team to review these companies, and the review date will be up to the end of this week.

after India announced the ban on 59 Chinese apps last month, tiktok, Shein, and clubfactory, which are on the list, have successively issued statements suspending their business operations in India. Wechat also announced recently that it would stop serving Indian users.

at present, there is no information to disclose all app lists that have been included in India’s “blacklist” review, Yibang power will continue to track and report on this, and here we will sort out several known “named” app information as follows:

in the Indian market with 450 million smart phone users, Xiaomi is now the largest smartphone manufacturer, accounting for 30% of the market share, and operating supporting applications such as Xiaomi community and Xiaomi store.

the Zili short video named this time was launched by Xiaomi at the end of 2018, and entered the top 100 list of non Game App downloads of Google play in India for the first time at the end of 2019. Instead of tiktok’s main social circuit, it is positioned as an entertainment community application. However, its playing method is similar to that of tiktok. Video creators can use special effects, background music, text editing tools, stickers and filters to create short videos and share them with WhatsApp, Facebook, instagram, snapchat and other social media platforms with one click.

according to the official news of Xiaomi India, thanks to the user base of Xiaomi Indian community and the vigorous promotion of tag challenge activities launched by Xiaomi Indian community in the middle of 2019, Zili has risen rapidly in India, with a monthly life of nearly 2 million by December 2019. As of October 15, 2019, MIUI India has more than 80 million active users.

according to foreign media, the data collected by multiple industry sources show that the daily output of cross-border e-commerce Shein in India is between 10000 and 15000, and that of club factory is between 50000 and 55000. “The service orders of global express in India are much more than those of its peers.”. According to Alibaba’s official data, global express has now covered 220 countries around the world, with 600 million users. The main trading markets are Russia, the United States, Spain, Brazil, France, etc.

Alibaba Group invested in augmented reality startups last year. At the same time, perfect Corp also announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Alibaba to introduce its AR technology into Alibaba’s online platform. On platforms such as Taobao or tmall, you can use perfect’s youcam virtual makeup test technology to preview the use effect before purchasing cosmetics. It is reported that perfect Corp also has applications such as technology youcam makeup, technology youcam perfect and youcam video.

the game was originally designed by Brendan playerunknown Greene, an Irish developer of Dayz: battle royal. It was originally a PC game developed and released by a subsidiary of a Korean company called bluehole, which was later developed into a mobile version by Tencent. According to sensor tower, pubg has the largest user base in India, with about 175 million downloads, accounting for 24% of its total downloads.

byte skipping was launched in India and Indonesia in December last year, and was officially launched in March this year. According to sensor tower, installation of reso surged between January and June this year, reaching 3 million last month. Currently, the app’s first installation on the app store and Google play has reached 10.6 million, of which about 74% of the downloads come from India.

it is understood that the biggest advantage of resso lies in its social attribute. Users can play, share and comment on music through social media, and can also attract other users’ comments by uploading music background pictures and videos. It is similar to the combination of Netease cloud music and tiktok functions, and its core audience is millennials and generation Z users.

according to foreign media, relying on tiktok’s huge user base in India is the biggest factor that resso is expected to stand out in India’s music streaming media track in the future. Its rapid rise is due to the promotion of tiktok in India in May this year. For example, tiktok users can play songs on resso in videos.

according to the forecast of statista, the market size of music streaming media in India will reach 244 million US dollars in 2020, which is only about 5% of the market size of American music streaming media in the same period.

Faceu tiktok is a AR enhanced face recognition self timer application, supporting massive dynamic stickers, beauty filter, GIF expression pack, live broadcast, video chat, social sharing and other playing, and also an important entrance product for the diversion of jitter and multi flash products. After completing the acquisition of faceu with a price of 300 million US dollars in 2018, byte hop began to invest heavily in the research and development of special effects and set up a special effects center. The infrastructure of faceu team and product laid the foundation for the development of byte’s special effects Camera.

Author: zmhuaxia