5g era does not necessarily have to use “brick” selfie lightweight selfie flagship vivos7 experience evaluation

In the 5g era, the limited space inside the mobile phone is even more insufficient. Therefore, we can see that the recent mobile phones are more or less “bricks”. Although we can understand it, we still think about the “little guys” who will not let their wrists hurt so much, especially those “selfie Maniacs”. In this era, no one should say who. Selfie has long become a very important social activity in our daily life. No self portrait means no party, no dinner, no travel. Even if your company has a good operation, you will need to take selfie when you punch in like me. Is there a 5g mobile phone that is light and thin, has good self portrait effect, and has a good appearance and is not disgraceful? It’s just that vivo S7 is a self portrait flagship with “immortal thickness”, so we decided to evaluate it. < / P > < p > with a 7.39mm “fairy thickness” and 170g body weight, vivos7 is hard not to stand out from a large number of mobile phones starting at 200g this year, but this is certainly not all its highlights. < / P > < p > the front of vivos7 is a 6.44 “20:9 AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080. The progress of technology also further reduces the area of the border, which makes the proportion of vivos7 screen reach 91.2%. < / P > < p > what we have in our hands is jazz black color, which is different from the classic but over stable pure black. The specially treated black reflects light and rich texture in the light, adding a bit of romantic color. AG technology makes the back of the fuselage feel delicate, at the same time, AF coating is added to further prevent fingerprint from damaging the aesthetic feeling. < / P > < p > the three camera matrix on the back is more hierarchical than that of other mobile phones. The camera matrix, officially known as the “two-color cloud scale”, carries the main camera, wide-angle and hierarchical black-and-white lens in the first layer, while the screen printing process is adopted in the second layer, and the flash module is placed. Because of this design, the whole camera matrix is more mellow and less rigid, and has more youthful vigor. After finishing the beautiful appearance, let’s talk about the key point of “self portrait”. Vivos7 is really luxurious in terms of front material. It carries two high-quality lenses, 44 million pixel super clear main camera and 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. The main camera has a 1 / 2.65 inch bottom, and also supports phase detection auto focusing technology PDAF technology. It is equipped with F / 2.0 large aperture and EIS anti shake function. It is almost a lens module designed for self shooting. < / P > < p > the PDAF phase detection auto focusing technology, which has a long name, can realize the focusing task from 15cm to infinity. In this way, no matter how difficult we take self portraits, we can quickly focus and complete the photo taking. With the function of human eye focusing, even if the protagonist is constantly moving, it will firmly lock the eye position and will not lose the focus. From our sample, you can also see that our little sister’s face details are clear, there is no virtual focus. < p > < p > vivos7 is also very rich in beauty effects. In addition to the beauty effects such as face thinning, skin grinding and whitening that we are familiar with, as well as the “small head” which is not covered by other mobile phones, it can be said that vivos7 really knows self portrait. Click the style button above the beauty, you can switch among the new styles, and quickly add your favorite filter effect. < / P > < p > in the case of complex background, if you want to highlight the subject, you have to rely on the background virtualization. Vivos7 is particularly outstanding in the aspect of human image virtualization because it is equipped with front dual camera and mature virtualization algorithm. From the point of view of the sample, the virtual edge is well controlled. Our little sister’s hair and clothes are not wrongly judged to lead to the virtual, and the main character is more prominent. In terms of the effect of HDR, we can see that the details of the face of the leading lady in the backlight are still clearly visible. The high light on the back is not exposed, and the face is not dead black, which is quite perfect. < / P > < p > 8 megapixel 105 ° ultra wide angle lens can be more suitable for our multi person self shooting scene, of course, single person self shooting scene can also make our face smaller, legs longer, and more depth. < / P > < p > when taking self portraits, the lack of light will also make people feel more uncomfortable. In the dark, don’t say your delicate facial features, even the outline may be blurred. This time, vivos7 is equipped with super night scene self portrait 2.0 function. Through AI portrait enhancement technology, the effect of night scene portrait is further improved, so that the environment with insufficient light can also become the territory for us to self shoot and show ourselves. We selected a typical villa for shooting. Without turning on super night scene self shooting 2.0, the photos were as miserable as expected. After the function was turned on, all the facial details were included in the self portrait sample. < / P > < p > in this era when everyone will shoot videos and share their lives, the front and rear of vivo S7 support 4K / 60fps video shooting, and the front end supports video beauty unexpectedly. With super anti shake 2.0, we can shoot more stable pictures by hand. If you need to, you can also turn on the front and back dual view shooting 2.0 function, and at the same time take pictures of the front and back of the phone and generate a video to record and share life in more dimensions. < / P > < p > in terms of post-processing, vivos7 carries a combination of 64 million pixel Samsung GW1 main camera + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle macro lens + 2 million pixel artistic style black-and-white lens. Combined with software algorithm and some filters and light effects, the photos taken by vivos7 have better detail description ability. < / P > < p > in the sample taken by the 64 million pixel main camera, we can see more clear details, and the photos taken by vivos7 are quite large. The restoration of the color of the scene is also accurate. The impression of the photo is real and delicate, and it will not make people feel too full and distorted. Whether it is white balance, resolution or exposure, it conforms to the real situation of the environment at that time. < / P > < p > there is no obvious distortion in the picture under the wide-angle lens, and the imaging style is the same as that of the main camera. Super wide angle is very useful for taking scenery photos when traveling. It can record people and scenery at the same time, making the sample look very atmospheric. < / P > < p > in the dark light environment, the super night scene 4.0 function has played its due role. After improving the performance ability of dark light, whether in the dark indoor, or in the street at dusk, or even in the night when you can’t see your fingers, vivos7 performs very well, and more details than the naked eye are taken into the photos, and the harvest is more than expected. In the sample, after turning on the night view mode, the buildings in the distance and the leaves nearby have more details, which saves the original dark state of night photography. < / P > < p > vivos7 is equipped with a high-tech 7Nm process and supports dual-mode 5g network. As the main chip of this year’s medium and high-end models, the performance of Qualcomm snapdragon 765G has been widely verified in the market, and our daily use is absolutely no problem. < / P > < p > in order to meet the power consumption increase brought by 5g network, vivos7 has a 4000mAh battery built in, which can recover blood quickly with 33W flash charging technology, so as to meet the power consumption demand of people for daily photography. < / P > < p > vivos7 is a very impressive mobile phone. Compared with other mobile phones, it has absolute advantages in “thinness” and “selfie”. It is thin and fashionable, which can show your taste and quickly help you to capture the most beautiful moment of yourself and scenery. If you are a user who loves to take selfies and share your life, you will find that it is just like the one specially designed for you. To be honest, it is very difficult for users who have self portrait needs not to be attracted by it. 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