5g mobile phone intensive on New! Several 5g models within 3000 yuan are on the market. Are you ready to change?

Since the middle of October, the mobile phone industry has ushered in a wave of intensive new product listing. Apple has released its first 5g iPhone, and Huawei has launched its new mate 40. In addition, new models of mobile phone brands such as nuts, Yijia and Hongmi have also been released. The reporter learned that these newly listed 5g mobile phones have a stronger sense of science and technology, and the market competition tends to be intense. < / P > < p > in a mobile phone store in Beijing, the reporter saw that many consumers were buying new machines. Ms. Tao bought a new iPhone 12 and came to store for data backup and update. She told reporters that the iPhone 6 had been in use for four years before, because she always wanted to wait for the 5g mobile phone to come on the market. As soon as Apple’s new machine was on sale this year, she snapped up it online. < / P > < p > at Huawei’s mobile phone counter, the consumer left his name and phone number. It is understood that the newly listed Huawei mate 40 series is in short supply. Shopping guide revealed that filling in information at the counter to make an appointment to buy, if there are no special requirements for color, you can get the mobile phone about a week. < / P > < p > at present, 5g has become the standard configuration among the new flagship models launched by major manufacturers in the third quarter. In addition, the continuous upgrading of hardware and the innovation of operation mode have become new selling points. Wu Dezhou, President of Xinshi laboratory: in terms of hardware, we use the most powerful CPU of snapdragon and a 100 million pixel camera, and we can also make the small screen of mobile phone bigger. Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi group: for example, 120 times super long focus zoom lens and some ultra macro photography make mobile phone cameras become microscopes and telescopes. < p > < p > the reporter learned that at present, 5g mobile phone models are relatively rich, and the infrastructure construction of 5g base stations is also accelerating. With the double 11 approaching, many platforms have launched discount activities such as exchanging old phones for new ones and interest free by installments. Consumers’ willingness to change 5g mobile phones has increased. < p > < p > at present, Huawei, glory, oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, realme and other mobile phone brands have launched 5g mobile phones with a price less than 3000 yuan, which makes 5g mobile phones popular among middle-aged and elderly consumers. < p > < p > consumer Ms. Luo: I just bought it yesterday. It’s more than 1500. I’m sure the price is a little more appropriate. Because I’m old, I can’t use so many functions. The main thing is to be faster and get online faster. < p > < p > according to the data of China Academy of communications and communications, the growth rate of new 5g base stations in China is obvious. Up to now, China has built and opened more than 690000 5g base stations, of which 566000 have been newly opened this year alone. In addition, the price gap between 5g and 4G has gradually narrowed, which has also stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to change planes. Wang Liyin: 5g mobile phone has become the mainstream mobile phone. During the period of tmall’s double 11, the transaction scale of 5g mobile phone increased 15 times compared with the same period of last year. Wang Bo, general manager of Beijing Suning e-buy Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.: now the price of 5g is becoming more user-friendly. 5g mobile phones account for about 90% of our stores. < p > < p > according to the data of China Academy of communications and communications, in the third quarter of 2020, the total number of domestic mobile phone sales was 72.542 million, of which 5g mobile phones accounted for 60.8% of the total mobile phone sales in the same period. The number of mobile phones applied for by the vice president of China mobile phone Research Institute, which is less than 46.5% of the mobile phones applied by the vice president of China mobile phone Research Institute, has also increased by 77.5% in China’s mobile phone market. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”