5g mobile phone is expensive and the charge is high? Huawei maimang 9 speeds up young you

[pconline information] the year 2020 is the first year of 5g business. The popularity of 5g is beyond people’s imagination. At present, almost all the newly launched mobile phones support 5g network. However, most of the 5g mobile phones are at a very high price, and it’s hard to get rid of 3000 or 4000 mobile phones. Young users want not only excellent 5g performance, but also affordable price. The appearance of maimang 9 just caters to such a demand. It comes from slogan with “fearless youth and no fear of challenge”. It seems like a new trend of youth and gives the new generation of consumers the choice of 5g quality.

maimang was born in 2013, and it has been seven years. Each generation of new products of maimang is the product of the spirit of “fearless growth”. Maimang 9 is the continuation and innovation of this spirit. He uses his own strength to tell young people to be brave and courageous in the face of the front.

if you want to conquer the young people who have pursuit and will not make do with it, Mai mang 9 must have its own advantages, among which the most outstanding performance is 5g. Why is 5g performance so important? 5g network speed is very fast, but to use this advanced network smoothly, it still depends on the ability of mobile phones. Not all 5g mobile phones can get the same network experience. Different hardware basis and optimization level can greatly affect the connection response, connection speed, power consumption, etc.

maimang 9 supports the leading six bands in the same gear: N1 / n77 / N38 / n41 / N78 / N79, covering the 5g network usage requirements in different scenarios. MP link technology, green 5g and so on, these optimizations enable it to quickly search for signals, keep the connection when the signal is weak, and keep the 5g power consumption lower. With the support of SA and NSA, it can meet the needs of 5g network in the future. It can be said that maimang 9 is enough for 5g network.

I have to say that under 5g network, whether playing games or watching videos, the experience is particularly good, because it is very fast and the delay of playing games is very low. On this basis, maimang 9 is also equipped with a 6.8-inch pole Full HD full-scale large screen and 4300mah large battery. The addition of large screen makes the game and video images more shocking. The escort of large power solves the power worries. With this kind of configuration, you will not be afraid to take the subway to cook drama and drive black with your roommate.

large screen mobile phones are not only enjoyable to use, but also eye-catching when held in the hand. Nowadays, there are only a few large screen 5g mobile phones, and maimang 9 is one of them. Maimang 9 has three kinds of colorful colors, each of which is in line with the aesthetic standards of young people today: dark night, beautiful mirror forest and clear sky with cherry snow. It looks like a work of art on the fingertips in your hand. It’s very eye-catching to walk outside.

maimang 9 gives young users a new choice of 5g with high quality. It has fully optimized the points that young users care about most, so that users’ experience of 5g use can be improved “obviously”. Dual mode 6-band 5g, a few large screens, strong endurance, all these advantages make it the most suitable 5g mobile phone for young people.

at present, maimang 9 is selling well, with an official price of 2199 yuan for 6 + 128GB version and 2399 yuan for 8 + 128GB version. Now when you buy a new machine in Huawei mall and the official flagship stores of major e-commerce platforms, you can enjoy three interest free periods and give Huawei earphones. It’s really worth it! Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia