5g mobile phone is frequently caught by big V “pigtail”, why only TA survived?

From the point of view of 5g mobile phones that have been released, it seems that manufacturers can’t avoid such or other disadvantages in their design, such as the common heavy problems and the “stupid big black thick” appearance design. These are all sacrifices made to take care of the immature 5g mobile phones. However, not all manufacturers will compromise. Some manufacturers have also introduced “do not do” machines, such as oppo reno4 pro. This 5g mobile phone, which is constantly polished in details, will lead the design direction of 5g mobile phones in the future. < / P > < p > like the appearance design, the lightweight body of oppo reno4 Pro is highly praised by media users. It weighs 172g and has a thickness of 7.6mm. It is different from the mobile phones that are generally over 200g + 9mm on the market, bringing a different kind of lightness. Both the appearance and the hands-on experience are at the top level of the current mobile phones. < / P > < p > what makes the oppo reno4 series reach the peak of beauty is the “Reno glow” crystal diamond technology adopted by the government for the first time on this new machine. The famous digital blogger @ Big soap also commented on the crystal diamond technology. He described the back of oppo reno4 Pro crystal diamond blue as “ocean” and felt like “sand ice”. He was very satisfied with the anti-skid and anti fingerprint effect brought about by the frosted texture of crystal diamond technology. The delicate touch made oppo reno4 Pro feel good at the moment when he started. < / P > < p > in addition to the appearance design, oppo reno4 pro’s imaging system also brings a good experience. The newly added super night scene video, live HDR backlight shooting, and video self shooting anti shake function have brought many new ways to play. For example, vlog blogger @ Junhui Jan made a demonstration to us with the self shooting anti shake function of oppo reno4 pro, which can clearly show the anti shake effect. He also used this technology to complete the record of this trip to Qinghai, and the shooting effect was affirmed by him. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro also has many practical attributes praised by users, and has a good performance in the much criticized service life of 5g mobile phones. In terms of charging analysis, the whole series of oppo reno4 is equipped with 65W super flash charging, which brings the extreme speed of 4000mAh battery in 36 minutes. The charging speed is even ahead of some flagship companies. < / P > < p > and oppo reno4 pro’s power consumption performance is even more amazing. In the test of “charging for five minutes, brushing for two hours” of @ technology addiction, he chose VR TV series, which is more fashionable and also consumes more electricity, to play the video for one hour and 46 minutes after charging 24% power in five minutes. As the test environment is more stringent than the laboratory environment, the power consumption performance of oppo reno4 Pro is still close to the official data, and the battery life is worthy of affirmation. < / P > < p > as a 5g mobile phone, oppo reno4 Pro achieves a lighter and thinner fuselage, a stronger front and rear camera for video capture, and better charging and power consumption performance. In addition, this mobile phone also has a 90hz high-sensitivity curved screen, and the sub flagship chip, the Qualcomm snapdragon 765G Bring balanced performance and power consumption, this is a new product with almost no dead ends. It is reasonable to win high praise from media users. In addition, oppo reno4 Pro also has a promotion activity recently, which supports interest free installment of 12 phases of Huabei, and can also trade in the old for the new and < A= https://twhosting.com/category/internet/page/2/ target=_ blank>Older posts →