5g mobile phone with the most balanced price in 2000? Huawei nova7 se student party can seriously consider

During the summer vacation, many student party members are enjoying their own holiday life. Next month, they will begin to return to the campus and start a new campus life. Some student party members are also taking advantage of this season to change their mobile phones, which coincides with Jingdong Huawei brand day + Suning’s main promotion day preferential activities, which cover a lot of model discounts. For student party members, Huawei Nova series is more user-friendly. In particular, Huawei nova7 se has a price as low as 2349 yuan, and there are six interest free periods, which students can afford with pocket money. < / P > < p > first of all, in terms of appearance, Huawei nova7 se adopts 3D glass arc design on the back, which is the mainstream design language at present. On the original color matching, it provides four color matching methods, such as silver moon starlight, Qijing forest, midsummer purple, and magic night black, and also brings color film gradual change technology. You can appreciate the soft color change from different angles, which is really satisfactory in terms of color value. In addition, the colorful design scheme is very suitable for young people. In terms of front screen design, Huawei nova7 se has a 6.5-inch pole full screen. Thanks to the small aperture camera, the overall screen accounts for 90.3%. With 96% NTSC color gamut, hdr10 display and so on, it can not only be broad and comfortable to watch, but also has a good sense of view when playing games or chasing plays. < / P > < p > many netizens have already started to use 5g networks. Huawei nova7 se is no exception. This machine adopts 7Nm 5g SOC chip and 7Nm process technology to further reduce power consumption. The new architecture of 8-core CPU and mali-g576-core GPU can meet the user’s demand for game and daily multi task processing ability. For 5g network support, Huawei nova7 s supports 5g + 4G dual card dual standby, 5g dual mode NSA / SA. With intelligent upstream streaming technology, it can improve the coverage and speed of uplink. If you update the same game pack in the dormitory, you will download it earlier than your roommate. < / P > < p > in terms of memory combination and collocation, Huawei nova7 se is equipped with 8GB of large memory as standard, and has 128GB / 256gb body memory to choose from. Under arbitrary application apps, and in multi task processing, 8GB can ensure more background resident, and will not be stuck due to insufficient memory. < / P > < p > most of the users’ love for Huawei mobile phones stems from their affirmation of its image strength. This time Huawei nova7 se is equipped with 64 million pixel four camera scheme, including a 64 million pixel main camera, an 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, a 2 million pixel macro lens and a 2 million pixel depth of field lens, covering all aspects of daily use. But what is the actual performance? We have to take a real sample. < / P > < p > from the actual pictures, Huawei nova7 se gives full play to the strength of 64 million pixels, and truly restores the optical brightness of the scene. The blue sky color is closer to the visual perception of the naked eye, and the overall color is softer. Without deliberately improving the contrast and saturation of the picture, the overall color is more natural. < / P > < p > in terms of image detail reduction, thanks to the 64 million pixel main camera, Huawei nova7 se 5g can excellent restore the detail performance of the external wall of the building, especially the detail gap of the wall tiles, which can be clearly displayed in front of us. At the same time, the contour of the green leaves has been well preserved, and the color of the leaves can be accurately restored. When you travel or watch concerts with friends, Huawei nova7 se will also be able to record the highlights you want to leave behind. < / P > < p > after opening the ultra wide angle, Huawei nova7 se has a very broad perspective. From the actual sample, it can hold the whole revolving staircase. The view is very wide, and there is no deformation or pulling in the picture. The revolving staircase has a clear eye view, and the overall color adjustment is consistent with that of the main camera. The color is natural and soft, and does not deliberately emphasize the color saturation. It looks more comfortable to the naked eye. Class dinner or campus sports group photo can be opened After ova7 se, there is no need to worry about students standing on the edge of the box. < / P > < p > in addition, in terms of battery life, Huawei nova7 se adopts 40W Huawei super fast charging, which can charge 70% of the power in 30 minutes, and restore the power to the stage of comfortable use during lunch break. In addition, with the 4000mAh super large battery, we say goodbye to the situation of charging once a day, the battery life is better and farewell to power anxiety. < / P > < p > in general, Huawei nova7 se has excellent performance. The overall appearance of Huawei nova7 se is online, and the 7Nm 5g SOC chip brings a pleasant 5g experience. The 64 million pixel four shot scheme meets the needs of all-round shooting. In addition, the 44w Huawei super fast charging and 4000mAh battery can alleviate the anxiety of charging and endurance, and the overall performance is very comprehensive. Now we have a 50 yuan discount and six interest free periods, which are very suitable for both the student party and the young people just entering the workplace. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”