5g small base station salon Qinyan: small base station is ready to be launched and will become an important part of 5g network

With the arrival of 5g, with the increase of frequency and the expansion of application scenarios, there will be many changes in the way operators build networks, among which the promotion of the importance of small base stations is one of the main aspects. Compared with the macro base station, the product form, transmission power and coverage of the small base station are much smaller, which also gives the small base station the characteristics of simple construction and flexible deployment. In addition, the introduction of visual operation and maintenance, AI and other technologies makes the small base station more powerful. < / P > < p > “the traditional macrobase station occupies a dominant position in the construction of 2G to 4G, but there are still some problems such as blind spots and insufficient coverage of hot spots. The small base station and room subsystem become a powerful supplement to the network breadth and depth coverage. With the 5g spectrum moving up, the coverage radius of a single macro base station is further reduced, and it is more difficult to achieve wide and deep coverage by a single macro base station. The small base station will become an important part of the 5g era. ” Qin Yan, director of Wireless Technology Department of Tel System Laboratory of China Academy of information and communications, said on August 5, the 11th session of 5g accelerated running series forum held by communication world media. < / P > < p > as the name implies, the “size” of a small base station is smaller than that of a macro base station, and the transmission power and coverage are also reduced accordingly. Although small in size, its function should not be underestimated. 5g small base station introduces ultra dense networking architecture, adopts Cloud Architecture and cell virtualization technology, and has intelligent functions such as automatic adjacent cell identification and self configuration of son. It has the characteristics of low cost, high bandwidth, multi antenna and high frequency band. In terms of return, 5g small base station supports optical fiber return, WLAN return and cellular technology return, which fully reflects the characteristics of flexible networking. < p > < p > 5g small base stations with many advantages can play the role of “blind” and “heat absorption”, which can solve the problems faced by Acer stations. According to Qin Yan, small base stations are small in size and flexible in deployment. They are not limited to the location of Acer stations. They can be flexibly deployed in places where people and buildings are dense, so as to supplement weak coverage areas and blind spots of Acer signals to ensure signal quality. In hot areas, small base stations have small power, which can realize frequency reuse in a smaller range, improve capacity, and help Acer Station diversion. Specifically speaking, in the past 3G and 4G era, DAS system was mainly used for indoor coverage. The traditional DAS system required supporting facilities in the computer room, so the construction cycle was long, and the property coordination was difficult. Moreover, there were many passive devices, which could not effectively monitor and control. It was also necessary to carry out room transformation, and the network evolution ability was poor, and the indoor and outdoor systems could not cooperate. Relatively speaking, 5g small base station has simple structure, easy construction, no monitoring blind area, flexible expansion through software, support network evolution, and realize indoor and outdoor collaborative automation. < / P > < p > because of its outstanding advantages, the industry has given optimistic expectations for the development prospects of small base stations. According to the estimation of the small base station technology forum, the deployment and upgrading of global small base stations will reach 10.25 million by 2025. < / P > < p > from the perspective of market growth rate, thanks to the intensive growth of China’s market capacity, the global small base stations will grow by 40% from 2017 to 2019. According to the small base station technology forum, in 2020 and beyond, due to the large number of enterprise use cases, the global small base station market will maintain a steady growth rate of 20%. < / P > < p > as we all know, unlike 3G and 4G era, mobile communication mainly provides general network access for the public. In 5g era, mobile network will be closely combined with specific application scenarios, and so will the development of small base stations. First, the overall capacity and coverage. For small bus stations, small shopping malls, small office buildings with a height of no more than 5 floors, the overall capacity and coverage requirements are solved. The second problem is local heat absorption. In view of the high incidence of network traffic, it is necessary to solve the problem of heat absorption in local areas and alleviate network congestion, such as colleges and universities, sports venues, etc. < p > < p > Third, penetration coverage. 5g band is relatively high, it is difficult to cover indoor with outdoor. For some areas of isolated buildings, the target of coverage area is relatively independent, and there are walls with high penetration loss in other areas of the building, the small base station can effectively solve the problem of signal coverage. Fourth, the problem of deep coverage. In some buildings, the indoor area of each floor is large and there are many internal partitions. When using outdoor coverage, it will produce high cost and easy to produce the same frequency interference problem. The signal depth coverage can be achieved by using small base station. < / P > < p > with the gradual increase of 5g frequency and the increasing proportion of indoor traffic, the importance of 5g era of small base station will be significantly improved. “5g spectrum will move up, and 80% of the business will take place indoors. It is difficult to cover indoor with macro base station – this is the best place for small base station, which will become a very important part of 5g era.” Summary of Qin Yan. Although 5g small base station has great potential, it still needs to coordinate with macro base station in terms of network construction rhythm, in view of blind compensation and heat absorption of large network. Qin Yan predicts that 2020 will be the period of scale construction of 5g macro base stations. In 2021, small base stations will be upgraded to achieve wide and deep coverage. “First of all, build a macro base station on a large scale, so that users can use it; then, through the small base station to achieve wide and deep coverage, so that users can use it well.” Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine