5g version of high pass snapdragon 4 series chips for entry-level mobile phones

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is increasing its mobile phone and laptop computer because of the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, which prompted more and more people to choose to work at home.

, the chip giant Qualcomm, is betting on 5G smartphones and laptops. < p > < p > on Thursday, local time in the United States, Qualcomm released a 5g version of its snapdragon 4 series chip, which will run on cheaper phones, priced between $125 and $250, and will be available in the first quarter of next year. “Qualcomm will deliver on its promise to make 5g accessible to all smartphone users,” said Cristiano Amun, President of Qualcomm, in a video speech at the opening ceremony of IFA consumer technology expo in Berlin < / P > < p > the three-day event attracted 240000 tourists last year, but this year’s event is closed to the public due to the outbreak of the epidemic. This year’s IFA event is held in a “hybrid way”, which is to hold both online and live events for Industry and media. < p > < p > amon also announced that Qualcomm will launch 5g platform to support “always on, always connected” laptops. The demand for these laptops is growing among people who work from home, who often need a fast, secure connection to log in to the corporate network or join video conferencing. < p > < p > Amun predicts that the growth of connected PCs will continue until after the outbreak, as consumers demand that many features match the best smartphones. The 5g network is being built much faster than previously expected, according to Qualcomm. 5g network can realize ultra-high speed download, and support interconnected equipment and factories. According to Amun, 80 mobile operators have deployed 5g networks, and it is estimated that the shipment of 5g smartphones will reach 750 million in 2022. < / P > < p > in IFA last year, Qualcomm launched 5g chipsets for mid range mobile phones, causing a huge stir. After upgrading to 5g version, the snapdragon 4 chip is expected to cover the area with 3.5 billion smart phone users. Smartphone makers Motorola, oppo and Xiaomi have signed up to use snapdragon 4 to make 5g phones. < / P > < p > Qualcomm also works with Acer to sell 5g enabled PCs running on the snapdragon 8cx Gen 25g platform, which have longer battery life, higher security, and are equipped with high-end cameras and audio components. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

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