6000 brands in 2 years! Overseas small and medium-sized brands emerge on Taobao

On July 22, the buyer Huang Ting walked into the butI store in Florence, Italy as usual. “1500!” When she said the number, the shop assistant was surprised: This is the biggest business since this year. Where do you sell < / P > < p >? “TAOBAO。” Huang Ting shakes the Taobao app on her mobile phone. Affected by the epidemic, in the first half of the year, offline sales of butI, a brand of handmade bags in Italy, were temporarily suspended, and the stores that needed to queue up in the past holidays became very few. Today, overseas small and medium-sized brands like butI are opening up more business channels with the help of Taobao. Today, the reporter learned from Taobao that in two years, 5964 overseas small brands entered the Chinese market through Taobao global purchase. According to the head of Taobao’s global shopping business, Taobao has become the largest consumer import for overseas shopping in China. This year, it will also support a number of overseas potential brands, making the sales of 365 overseas brands on Taobao exceed 10 million. < / P > < p > more importantly, Taobao has become a “thermometer” for overseas small and medium-sized brands to decide whether to increase the Chinese market. In terms of Taobao global shopping, overseas small and medium-sized brands have tested whether the brands and products can be favored by the Chinese people by “real combat” means such as planting grass by experts, live Taobao, and promotion activities on buyer’s day, and then decide to lay out tmall’s official flagship stores and even offline stores. < / P > < p > but in the past, it often required a long process of consumer research, getting familiar with the Chinese market, seeking partners, registering Chinese companies, and so on. A set of combination boxing may have missed the gold sales cycle. < / P > < p > behind the emergence of overseas small and medium-sized brands, there are also a group of trendsetters: buyers of Taobao global shopping. Huang Ting, who has lived in Europe for 17 years and has hundreds of thousands of fans, is one of them. Since the beginning of this year, the European epidemic has shut down many stores in the fashion industry, but she found that domestic fans have not lowered their expectations of global good things. She decided to build a bridge between the two. Huang Ting told reporters that she took butI as the first new brand introduced in the store this year, and contacted the CEO to discuss cooperation with him at the Italian headquarters. Before that, the “die hard” CEO had said that he would not do online, and this time he did not refuse. Taobao’s sales volume finally surprised him, but the first time on the new butI package, 30 seconds sold 119. < / P > < p > Australian brands Dr.nature Through Taobao’s entry into China, it sold 360 thousand pieces of products in 3 days. It was called LV of perfume industry and BYREDO of Stockholm perfume brand, and sold 626 perfume in 1 minutes of Taobao Taobao’s live room. More and more overseas small and medium-sized brands enter China like butI, and become a way for young people to “see the world” in Taobao. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia