6GB running memory + 5nm chip + four camera lens, iPhone 12 series upgrade!

Apple didn’t launch the iPhone 12 series machine at the press conference, and the product that launched Apple’s A14 chip changed from iPhone to iPad air. However, Apple will definitely release the iPhone 12 series mobile phone this year. What are the upgrades of this year’s iPhone 12 series compared with last year’s iPhone 11 series machine? Is it worth changing for old iPhone users? With these problems, I will analyze them for my friends. < / P > < p > first, from the running points of Angora rabbit, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will use 6GB of running memory, which is the first time that Apple has used 6GB of running memory on iPhone. Last year, the entire series of iPhone 11 had 4GB of running memory. The new iPhone released in the first half of this year is still 3gb of running memory. Larger running memory means that more programs can be run at the same time, and the experience will be improved a lot. < / P > < p > Second, the entire series of iphone12 will adopt Apple A14 chip with 5nm technology, which is the first 5nm chip launched by TSMC. Compared with the previous generation of Apple A13 chip, the CPU performance of Apple A14 chip is improved by about 17%, and the GPU is increased by about 8%, which seems to be a bit of “toothpaste squeezing”. However, considering the excellent single core and multi-core running of apple a series chips Performance, apple A14 chip performance is not to worry about. < / P > < p > the third point is the brand-new camera module. It is reported that there are still three 12 megapixel lenses in the iPhone 12 Pro Series this year, but the difference is that a lens similar to TOF has been added this time; this similar lens has been used on the previous iPad pro, and apple has used this kind of lens on the iPhone 12 Pro series introduces this lens, so it forms the “four camera lens” module, which will improve the photography experience. < / P > < p > 6GB running memory, 5nm chip and four lens module, the configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro Series will be greatly improved compared with last year; as for the high refresh rate screen expected by many small partners, the industry insiders say that the iPhone 12 Pro Series will not be adopted, because the high refresh rate screen will bring huge power consumption, while the iPhone 12 Pro Series will not use it The battery capacity of Pro Series is small, which can not meet the needs of 5g function and high refresh rate screen at the same time.

  iPhone12 Pro Series may be Apple’s most obvious product upgrade in recent years. After three major upgrades, Apple may not upgrade too much in some aspects – high refresh rate screens may have to be arranged on the next generation of machines. After all, the next generation of apple a series chips are still 5nm technology, and the camera may not be upgraded, so the display screen needs to be upgraded It can also be a selling point. < p > < p > Apple has adjusted its product strategy in recent years. With the accumulation of competition in the smartphone market, Apple has broadened its product range. For example, there were only one or two iPhones in the iPhone series before, but it has become three machines in the iPhone 8 series. This year’s iPhone 12 series is likely to be four machines. In addition to the new iPhone launched in the first half of the year, Apple has expanded its product range Five smart phones will be launched in the year. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia