7-year-old child “addicted” to mobile phones, the grandmother only one move to let the child voluntarily put down the mobile phone, the family praise

Now mobile phones are a tool that we and our children can’t do without. Even sometimes I would rather not have other mobile phones. Without mobile phones, we don’t know what we’re going to do. We become anxious and nervous. Children want to play with mobile phones in class and when they are doing homework. Mobile phones are also essential for children. It’s okay that we use mobile phones for entertainment, but it’s not good for children to use mobile phones. Electronic products make children’s memory and attention plummet. Every day I don’t want to learn, just think about mobile phones, so what should we do when children play with mobile phones? Xiaoling is a mother of a 7-year-old child, because of her busy work. So there’s basically no time to take care of the children. Since the last semester, children’s academic performance plummeted, the original reason is always playing mobile phones. Xiaoling and her husband are very anxious, but there is no way. It’s no use persuading the children all the time, or even beating them. So they decided to send the children to the grandmother’s house, let the children play with the neighbors’ children every day, taking up the children’s mobile phone time. < / P > < p > this may allow the child to put down the phone. One day, grandma took the children out to chat with the aunts. The child is out to play. Grandma said to other aunts: & quot; the child always likes to play with his mobile phone. His mother sent him here to let me take him to play and let him put down his mobile phone. &At this time, a neighbor’s aunt said, “I have a way to treat children playing with mobile phones, and my grandson used to do the same. &From the perspective of educational psychology and child development psychology, the main reasons are as follows. < / P > < p > children like to play mobile phones, mainly because of the temptation of mobile games. There’s no substitute for other games. So these will attract children to keep playing with their phones all the time. I don’t even feel tired. This has a lot to do with the settings of the game. Because a lot of games are designed to break through. Only after playing one level, can you unlock the next level, so constantly attract children to continue to play. < / P > < p > to a large extent, children like to play with mobile phones because of their lack of self-determination and can not resist external interference. For example, the child is reading at this time, but just want to play games, the book can not read. Children will try to satisfy themselves. They secretly play with their mobile phones and pretend to be reading. < / P > < p > sometimes we play games ourselves, maybe. If you unlock a very difficult level, you will have a great sense of achievement. Or how many diamonds or gold coins have you won. These things will bring a great sense of achievement and conquest to children in the virtual world. So if children don’t get a sense of accomplishment in the real world, they turn to the virtual world. < / P > < p > a big mother said that she had a way to treat children playing with mobile phones. So what is the solution? We already know the reason why children play with mobile phones. In fact, as long as we grasp the key point, we can take the right medicine. That is to divert attention and improve the child’s sense of achievement. Combining these two aspects, the most important way for us to let children put down their mobile phones is to find a game that can replace mobile games;. < p > < p > specifically, we should buy some operational toys or toys that children like to play every day. With the development of children’s cognitive ability and the improvement of their reading capacity, we can buy some popular science books that they may be interested in. In fact, adults nag about the hard truth for 100 times, so it’s better to read one with children story. Many picture books have hidden some children’s behavior and habits in vivid and interesting stories, so that children can be inspired in a pleasant mood. < / P > < p > this set of picture books for children’s behavior and habits, citing advanced educational concepts, with the help of the power of stories and situational scenes, can really enter the children’s heart, help them understand, and learn to manage themselves, and effectively solve the 10 common behavior problems of children. With the help of story power and simulation scene, encourage children to learn self-management and develop good behavior habits. Now participate in the activity, click below, 69 yuan will be able to take the book home! < / P > < p > we need to control the time we give our children mobile phones every day. Maybe we should do this from the age of one. Let children form the habit of playing games and mobile phones every day, so that children will play toys and reading books as their own games. At this time, these habits have been formed, children will naturally put down the mobile game. < / P > < p > children play with mobile phones. If we want children to put down their mobile phones, the key is to divert children’s attention. Let them shift their focus from mobile games to other games;. Therefore, we should cultivate children’s habit of playing games and reading books since childhood. You can start subscribing to some sci-tech or cartoon journals early on. Once children form these habits in their early years, they will not change easily. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?