700 lithography machines for China! ASML begins to show favor, Huawei ushers in a turnaround!

When it comes to the most talked about science and technology industry, it is smart phones. “Huami ov” has reached the top five in the world, and the market share of four companies has exceeded 60%. The low-key voice communication mobile phone ranks first in the African market. The development of mobile phone business has also led to the progress of global chip industry. At present, iPhone 12 and Huawei mate40 have used 5nm chips, and Xiaomi 10 is also based on snapdragon 865 processor. Under the background of huge mobile phone market, chip has become the top priority. According to the data from the third party, China has become the largest chip consumer in the world. < p > < p > it is reported that in the first eight months of 2020, China’s cumulative import amount of integrated circuits increased by 22.5% year-on-year to reach US $333.46 billion, which is the largest chip demand country in the world. However, most of the revenue of American enterprises such as Qualcomm, Intel, micron and AMD came from the Chinese market. However, a ban order was issued. The United States unilaterally disrupted the normal order of the supply chain, resulting in Huawei’s failure to adopt the United States Chip, a chip company in the global market, if it wants to cooperate with Huawei, it needs to obtain a technical license. TSMC is the key link. At present, it is unable to OEM Kirin chips for Huawei, which has a great impact on Huawei mobile phones! Some people say that China has already built a space shuttle. What’s the difficulty of a chip the size of a fingernail? In fact, the chip is the pyramid of the science and technology industry, and the technical difficulty is much higher than other products. Besides TSMC and Samsung, no company can mass produce 5nm chips, and they all use ASML lithography machines in the Netherlands. Therefore, if you want to produce independent chips, lithography is the most important thing. Unfortunately, China started late in the field of photolithography. The most advanced self-made photolithography machine in China is still at 90nm. Obviously, it is still a long way to go to enter the 5nm stage! < p > < p > after realizing the backwardness of chip manufacturing technology, China has set off a wave of chip craze, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also announced that it has entered the stage of photolithography research and development. As soon as the news is transferred to ASML in the Netherlands, even the senior executives are completely relaxed! Roger Dasen, chief financial officer of ASML in the Netherlands, said, < / P > < p >! It seems that the attitude has been reversed. ASML official’s statement means that they are courting China, and they are obviously not willing to give up the huge market in China. < / P > < p > it is very difficult to manufacture ASML lithography machines, and the annual volume production is also very limited. The Chinese market has 700 sets, which shows the importance of their business development! According to public data, China’s Chinese mainland accounts for 21% of its revenue in the first three quarters. What’s more, it has announced that it will export ASML lithography to China. Why does HUAWEI have a turning point? ASML From a technical point of view, domestic ASML lithography machine is unable to produce 5nm chip at this stage, but the domestic lithography machine has accelerated the research and development progress, we can improve the strength through the research of ASML lithography machine, continuous innovation in imitation, this is the future of domestic lithography machine. < p > < p > 20 years ago, China was also short of cores and screens. Now BOE OLED has even entered Apple’s supply chain system. After 20 years of domestic photolithography, it will be able to get rid of the technical blockade. At that time, Huawei Hisilicon will really stand out! Global technology companies are also actively trying to resume cooperation with Huawei. Samsung’s screen has been granted the supply license, so is AMD and Intel. In this way, Huawei is ushering in a turning point! Of course, if you want to master the core chip technology and get rid of overseas control, Chinese lithography companies still have to rely on themselves. After all, the shareholders behind ASML are American enterprises. Do you agree? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?