8000 words depth: master these four aspects and do a good job in brand building (dry goods collection)

In my community, my friends who do brand or social often ask me how to do brand building. If you want to change your job to “Internet or industrial, single brand company”, the first thing is to do a < / P > < p > we should be clear. Most people step into a company, you can’t grow up with this company from 0-1, many people do It is the expansion of the business into a fast-growing company. < / P > < p > from the perspective of organization, enterprises hope to see that “a brand director, market VP” can “consolidate” the whole brand foundation and the business can grow exponentially. < p > < p > for example, “use public relations to make an exposure”, “use KOL to make a wave of communication”, “take a few TVCs in festivals” can be done “, I always think that the excavation of brand construction should be gradually improved from the perspective of” cornerstone “. < / P > < p > so what is the cornerstone angle? That is, you should observe the culture of this brand. Even if it is a start-up brand, there is the original intention in the boss’s mind, and the original intention is to excavate the part of culture. All these are things of the past. < / P > < p > secondly, what is the cornerstone? Is “the future”. Can the intangible assets left by the brand play an enabling role in the future “communication”, “marketing activities” and “social”. < / P > < p > some of the things left at the cornerstone level, which can’t bring enabling value to users, should be discarded, such as your old packaging, your old VI, your old slgan. These things can’t become “user’s memory points” for a long time, so users need to abandon them. < / P > < p > design a simple logo with a matching background color, which has been used for many years. Maybe the founder found the potential pain point of an industry at that time, and then it could be short-term and fast “business growth is very good”. < / P > < p > but as time goes by, when a player enters an industry, many players will imitate it. For example, “if you look at China’s mobile phone market, why are there Huawei, oppo, vivo, Nokia, HTC, Xiaomi and other brands?”. < / P > < p > when a certain market size is reached, we can’t use “cheap” to tell stories. At this time, we should attract consumers from the aspects of “brand value, culture, commodity details, workmanship details” and other aspects, so as to obtain more market share. Brand building should first improve the “symbol” system. If the brand building is not done well, you will fall into self congratulation when upgrading. Even if you find many KOL public relations media to help you make a voice, it is just “not warm and not hot”, because it does not grasp the core lifeline, otherwise, it will bring pressure to the communication. < / P > < p > until now, there are many people who think that the upgrading of brand is the upgrade of “logo”. In fact, this is the most superficial way of understanding. < / P > < p > first of all, we need to understand what the meaning of brand building is. The answer is “reduce the cost of publicity, play the effect of the greatest variable”, attract more users and deepen user recognition. < / P > < p > the first step in brand building should be “mining symbols” and “perfecting symbols”. The excavation of symbols is based on the old assets at the cornerstone level. Some bosses may think that my logo has been used for 5 years and thinks it looks good. Why replace it? < / P > < p > the function of logo is to let consumers remember that they can pay for them. If five years have passed and your share is gradually declining, I think in addition to the business level, you should consider whether to replace a new memory symbol, because this symbol can not bring added value. < / P > < p > whether it is a “platform” or a single brand, their logo is the value of consumption level, which is to guide consumption. To strengthen this aspect of value, it needs the output of symbols. The symbols are not good-looking, but enable “action value”. < / P > < p > when you see the barreled instant noodles, what can you think of? All of these “action scenes” of “braised beef” are the value of “braised beef”. < / P > < p > there is still a lot to be done on the action value construction of a single brand, such as white plus black. What can you think of from the packaging symbol level? The action instructions of platform system are mostly used in slogans now. However, slogans of many platforms often boast themselves and fail to spread. < / P > < p > the essence of communication is to “broadcast” first. In the process of transmission, most slogans always tell others what is the best platform and professional mother parenting platform, which has nothing to do with users. < / P > < p > “my wife tells me that it’s cheap and affordable to buy vegetables after work and remember to go to a certain group.”. This is the instruction of action value. The action instruction is not only a slogan, but also an indirect instruction to reshape the user’s mind and let the user speak to another user. < / P > < p > action instructions can be used as a slogan, and you can also make a “mission” because they serve the phased strategy of the business. When the strategy at this stage is completed, it can be reshaped and upgraded. There is no brand in the world that does not need to be upgraded. < / P > < p > the instructions broadcast can highlight various aspects, such as “posters, detail pages, packaging, TVC endorsement” of their own platform. These things may need to be said by themselves in the early stage of cold start-up. When they broadcast for a long time, they will produce “transmission effect”. What aspects can the upgrade symbol show: it is not the logo update iteration or the brand remodeling, its essence is the “remodeling” of the old brand assets, and then optimize. After the optimization, there are many details. The specific first step is the logo logo. < / P > < p > in the competitive products, the most important thing is whether the logo logo can be easily remodeled in the most striking place for users to remember. < / P > < p > beauty is just a kind of “body”, it can’t give “commodity and platform”. The essence of user-defined beauty is “tonality”, which can match and unify colors. < / P > < p > the excavation of culture is based on the “founder’s original intention” and “Research on the industry”. For example, a founder made a “ice cream product”. He must have an understanding of the industry and the basic culture of “ice cream”. < / P > < p > at this time, as a brand leader, we can find the logo from “the culture of the ice-cream rising era”. The unique logo used by the first icecream maker must be “cultural reference and special auxiliary symbols”, and these special symbols are the basis for reference. < / P > < p > a special symbol has been used for hundreds of years. You only need to innovate in combination with the current culture. Its essential implication will not change, but only “the inheritance of culture extension”. At the same time, it increases recognition and deepens the user’s memory. < / P > < p > What’s more, it’s “the integration of old assets and culture”. Our old assets are left by brand creation, and culture is inherited by the industry. How to simplify logo logo requires hand-painted innovation and brand design design. < / P > < p > you might as well try to find out that three enterprises with a valuation of 6 billion in round C compete in the same industry with the same business model and similar business model, but with different “user groups”. How can we capture users with less cost? < / P > < p > in addition to the short-term strategy and subsidy war, it is “brand strategy”. Users can be perceived through all the things extended by logo, so as to improve LTV. < / P > < p > from logo, to shape, to icon, to color extraction, to temperament and style, to lines, the angle, size and outline displayed by each detail are considered as the “minimum unit fundamentals” of a brand and the overall symbol system of the brand, and all these things are preparation for the subsequent “broadcast”. < / P > < p > for the external image display, I think you can all think of, such as “the packaging of goods, after-sales card”, the logo of offline activities, etc., and I think the ignition point of external communication should be “internal”. < / P > < p > because brands are we media and individuals are also we media, we should start from the cultural part of the organization as far as possible, and let every colleague accept and integrate into this culture first, so that it can broadcast the company from the perspective of employees. The interior badge, polo shirt and culture are the beginning of the construction. Once their own brand symbol system is implemented, the smallest communication unit is from the company. < / P > < p > your company’s front wall, waist stickers, employee’s entry manual, resignation badge, employee card, honor poster with internal tips, cultural shirt, tissue used on the table, and water cups distributed are all “the bottom layer of brand building” and the first impression. < / P > < p > imagine that when a newcomer comes to the company and sees the extended IP of the brand logo you set up at the front desk, it will affect people’s mood, and the first sense will be different, thinking that “the company’s culture will be very good”. < / P > < p > secondly, when he has achieved his position, “his employee card” and “welcome manual for employment registration”, these symbols strengthen the mission of the company and increase its position in its psychology in silence. < / P > < p > it may be unable to resist “taking photos” and share this inner joy with friends, circle of friends and even social networking sites. All of these are free of charge and play a good role in the internal staff level. < / P > < p > polo shirt is a kind of collective effect. In fact, the cost is very low. However, many “enterprises willing to do brand building are not willing to invest in them. They think that they can not produce value for customers.”. < / P > < p > in fact, this is a very wrong way of understanding. Employees are the stores of the company. The quality of polo and the display of symbols determine whether employees like them or not. They like to wear them or not. Employees are also users. They are the minimum “broadcasting unit”. < / P > < p > even if your own employees don’t think they can do it, will your customers choose? I think even if they do, maybe they will feel “disgraced”. I have seen many customers take other people’s cultural shirts as floor rags at the exhibition site. < / P > < p > the use of paper towels and packaging bags is also a very important part. For LV handbags, users are willing to spend money to buy them, because they are a symbol of dignity. However, some handbags, given to others, are not willing to take them, and feel that they are too low. This is the role of some details of brand building. < / P > < p > a badge is a symbol. Seeing the badge will remind us of the honor generated by a specific scene. Alibaba will issue badges to employees every year, and there are badges for employees when they enter or leave. < / P > < p > to leave, employees should be decent. An employee is “the chief speaker of an enterprise”. Imagine that the industry is very small, but where can employees go when they change jobs? < p > < p > the language he spread after he left, and the evaluation he shared with others is something that a brand can never get out of “smashing advertisements”. Decency is also the most basic way for a brand to leave itself. < / P > < p > I see that many enterprises are in a mess because of the final salary of employees or some details,