865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

[pconline gossip] the hardware configurations of the recently released flagship computers are not very different, but users’ evaluations are very different. Many people wonder why they are all 865 processors, but there is such a big gap in experience? In fact, this is largely due to the different levels of optimization, so when you buy a mobile phone, you should not just look at the 865 and you should pay more attention to the optimization of various experiences.

today, I’d like to compare four 5g flagship computers that are also equipped with the snapdragon 865 processor, which perform well in all aspects. First of all, let’s take a look at the main parameters:

the appearance of the current flagship phones is mostly low-key and simple player style, and the screen share is very high, such as one plus 8 pro, oppo ACE2, iqoo The design styles of neo3 and Meizu 17 Pro are very young, especially the back design, which has a sense of fashion. Holding it in hand is a kind of aesthetic feeling. Next, let’s take a look at the differences in the appearance of these four mobile phones.

the front of one plus 8 Pro is an exquisite curved hole digging screen. The new cop packaging technology and the right camber not only bring high quality hand feeling, but also present boundless visual experience. The screen not only has 2K + resolution, but also has 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz screen touch sampling rate, which brings users a super delicate appearance and extremely smooth and smooth sliding experience. This is definitely one of the best screen quality phones in the industry. On the back of the fuselage, the fifth generation Ag glass technology is adopted, and the glass haze reaches the highest 72% in the industry.

the front of oppo ACE2 adopts the current popular hole digging screen design. The screen is a 6.55 inch OLED flexible screen made of E3 material, which supports 90 Hz screen refresh rate and 180 Hz touch sampling rate. With the help of OLED flexible screen and high refresh rate, whatever operation in use can bring you a pleasant experience. Curved glass is used in the back, and the weight is only 185g, which brings excellent holding experience. It is light to use mobile phone and play games everyday. The fuselage color has three kinds of gorgeous colors: moon rock grey, dream purple and Aurora silver, which can be called “super player” in the beauty school.

iQOO Neo3 adopts a hollowed out full screen design, with a 6.57 inch LCD pole full screen on the front, with 90.4% of the super-high screen proportion, and supports 144hz high refresh rate, P3 color gamut and hdr10, which makes its display effect very excellent; the back of the fuselage adopts a new color design, with three colors of cyan sky blue, night darkness and polar day, which has an unpredictable aesthetic feeling in different lights There will be high light reflection under the illumination of, holding on the hand is not too fashionable and handsome.

Meizu 17 Pro adopts a 6.6-inch Samsung super AMOLED hole digging screen. The hole digging area is only 2.99 mm, and the presence of the front lens is almost zero in daily use. Its frame uses the flagship conventional COF frame packaging technology, jaw width is amazing 3.3 mm, mobile phone screen accounts for 92.2%, visual immersion is very enough. The back cover of the mobile phone uses the precise ceramic technology of one-piece molding. The white ceramic not only creates a unique high-quality quality, but also is not as easy to leave fingerprints as the mirror glass. Even if you don’t wear a protective case, it can keep the mobile phone fresh for a long time.

as a flagship, the top performance is naturally standard; similarly, the system of the flagship is equally important. An excellent mobile phone system can make you have a good time and use it smoothly. And the configuration and system of these four game phones will never let you down.

one plus 8 Pro is equipped with snapdragon 865 processor, lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory, which can be described as the top-level hardware configuration at present. Combined with the light, fast and smooth hydrogen OS system, the one plus 8 Pro can easily run all applications. This kind of fluent experience of “pointing where to hit where” really makes people have a good time. It’s easy to use, and directly say “goodbye” to problems such as stuck and fever. One plus 8 Pro has built-in 4510mah battery, which is definitely the best in terms of service life. It also supports 30W wireless charging and 30W flash charging, so you don’t have to worry about the phone’s power failure when you go out for a long time.

the theoretical performance of one plus 8pro is tested by using professional software antutou and geekbench. It can be seen that the performance of the snapdragon 865 processor is still “able to play”, which is worthy of being the level of the top flagship.

oppo ACE2 adopts the advanced 7Nm process to build the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 mobile platform, and carries the recently highly praised coloros7.1 operating system. In addition, it also adds the features of flashback key, regional screen capture and dark mode, which further improves the beauty and function of UI, and makes game phones have a good daily experience. In terms of charging, ACE2 supports 65wsupervooc wired flash charging and 40W airvooc Wireless Flash charging, which are the top level of mobile phone charging power at present, so that you can achieve “charging for 5 minutes and turning black for 1 hour”.

iqoo neo3 adopts the high performance combination of high pass snapdragon 865 + UFS 3.1 ultra fast flash memory; in the actual experience of the game, it can bring full frame running performance. The new generation of flagship chip snapdragon 865 has been optimized, and its running speed has also been greatly improved to ensure the fluency of daily use, and there is almost no jamming. Iqoo neo3 also carries 4500mAh high-capacity battery, and has its own power saving optimization technology, which can play for 7 hours under full power. When the mobile phone is fully charged, it will not only be able to get into the “zero” state of “niqo3”, but also make it faster.

no matter how beautiful it is, it’s better to say things with data. As a flagship machine, iqoo neo3 is equipped with the super fast flash memory of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 + UFS 3.1, and the running score is certainly a lever.

Meizu 17 Pro selects the mobile application platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 865. Compared with the previous generation, its CPU performance and energy consumption level are improved by 25%, and the GPU performance is also improved by 25%. It can be said that Meizu 17 pro, equipped with the mobile application platform of snapdragon 865, is enough to meet the needs of most of us. Meizu 17pro is also equipped with flyme8 to search for mobile phones, dark mode, small window mode and other functions. It’s easy to use, and people can’t go back. In terms of endurance, it is equipped with wireless charging function, which can be charged 47% in 30 minutes. Wireless reverse charging will not worry about charging problems in the future.

Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with a snapdragon 865, a maximum of 12gb of lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, which can be called the top configuration. From the measured data, Meizu 17 pro’s score data is really strong.

no matter what the purpose of the mobile phone is, taking photos is absolutely an indispensable part of life. These four mobile phones are equipped with good shooting configuration, which can bring you an excellent photo taking experience.

one plus 8 Pro has 48 million pixel main lens, 48 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, 8 million pixel long focus lens and 5 million pixel filter lens combination. The main lens adopts Sony’s customized imx689 sensor, which supports full-pixel omni-directional focusing, and can shoot life anytime and anywhere. In addition, one plus 8 Pro also has night scene, backlight, anti shake and other shooting functions.

oppo ACE2 adopts the combination of rear four camera + front single camera, 4800W high pixel main camera, 800W pixel super wide angle, portrait and retro lens, and 1600W pixel self timer camera in front, as well as super clear night scene and super clear video anti shake function, so that the dynamic and static are clear.

iqoo neo3 uses a 16 megapixel front camera, a 48 megapixel main camera, a 112 ° ultra wide angle camera and a macro lens, which can output 48 million ultra clear images. In addition, the 112 ° wide-angle camera can also easily shoot large scenes of mountain and river buildings, and the 4cm micro distance can easily depict details, which can basically meet the needs of most ordinary users.

the camera hardware of Meizu 17pro is very fierce. It is equipped with 8 million pixel long focus camera + 64 million Sony IMX 686 main camera + 3D depth detector + 32 million pixel 129 ° ultra wide angle camera, as well as Meizu family type ring fill light. What’s more, whether it’s the main camera or the ultra wide angle camera, the sensor supports four in one pixel technology, so there is no pressure to shoot even in weak light environment.

the performance configuration and appearance design of one plus eight Pro are excellent, and the screen is the biggest highlight of one plus eight pro, which is very suitable for young people who like to play games. And the phone also has a 4510 MAH battery, so you can have a good day.

oppo ACE2, no matter in appearance, performance or photographing, is a very excellent flagship machine. With constant cooling and heat dissipation and light and thin fuselage, oppo ACE2 has a light but not hot game experience. The combination of 65W + 40W dual flash charging can also help you recover blood quickly during the game.

iqoo neo3 adopts the high-performance combination of high-performance high-performance flash memory of high-throughput snapdragon 865 + UFS 3.1, which is absolutely a blessing for game players, and there is almost no frame drop when playing games. Iqoo neo3 also has 44w ultra fast flash charging, which can make the mobile phone “return to blood” in a meal time. If you are a mobile game player, this mobile phone is a good choice!

Meizu 17 pro, as a flagship machine equipped with 865 processor, maintains a high level of performance experience and photo experience. Coupled with fashionable appearance design, Meizu 17 Pro is very popular with young people. In addition, Meizu 17pro is equipped with flyme8, which is why many people insist on using Meizu. In terms of endurance, it is equipped with wireless charging function. It can charge 47% in 30 minutes. You don’t have to worry about slow charging any more.

now the competition between mobile phone manufacturers on processors is becoming more and more fierce. I have to keep up with others who use top processors, but the overall optimization is uneven. The four mobile phones introduced above are all equipped with 865 processors, and the detailed optimization in all aspects makes the experience of using and photographing very excellent.

the small partners who have poor experience in 865 optimization must not have chosen the right mobile phone. The four mobile phones described above are the best among the flagship phones. If you want to start with, you may as well choose from these four models~