8848 launched M6 GT sport version: 19999 yuan, limited to 600 sets

It was reported on August 26 that 8848, a well-known luxury mobile phone brand in China, launched the M6 GT sports version of “super limited 5g mobile phone”. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance design and configuration, this mobile phone is basically consistent with the 8848 M6 previously released. It mainly adds some super running elements, and can be selected in two colors of nebula red and Galaxy gray. < p > < p > the exterior design of the machine is basically 8848 family design language: symmetrical forehead and chin, carved carbon fiber texture titanium alloy frame, the body is made of cow leather, with red / Black bidirectional quilting design, power button and volume key are inlaid with ruby; the front face is equipped with a 6.01 inch AMOLED The screen has a diamond cut wrist watch with a 1.19 inch sub screen embedded in the back. Privacy Policy